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Tuesday's Daily Dosage - van Riemsdyk, Thomas, Horton...

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HEADS UP: We have a new leader in the FHS Playoff Pool as Reno Natrall takes over top spot on the back of seven Flyers and four guys from Tampa... well done Reno & good luck to everyone. 

Bob McKenzie has clued in to what we've been saying for a few weeks as he's claiming that these playoffs are James van Riemsdyk's coming out party.  With two goals on eight shots last night JVR now has goals in five straight games and he's generating chances like it's child's play.  He's tied for the playoff lead with seven goals and easily leads in shots with 59.

A busy night for Tim Thomas as he stopped 52 of 54 shots to pull out the OT win.  He hasn't been lights-out in these playoffs but he has been steady (2.25 & .931) winning six of his last seven games.  Just the fact that he's played every minute for the Bruins in the playoffs is a nice luxury, I'm sure the Flyers would love to have that.

Speaking of goalie roulette, Brian Boucher was pulled again last night but this time is was just due to a hand injury and he was able to return for the start of the 3rd period after Sergei Bobrovsky filled in flawlessly for about nine minutes.  So the tally is five out of nine games in these playoffs where the Flyers have had to use two goalies.  

David Krejci played hero again last night with the OT goal, that's GWGs in both games in this series so far after just one point in round #1.

Nathan Horton with an assist last night and he now has points in three straight games as his line with Krejci & Lucic seems to be getting more space.

Brad Marchand with a goal last night and he has points in five of his last six games (4+4=8)... he's doing it all with just a little PP time and no PPPs in the playoffs.

At the WCs yesterday... the plucky Norwegians, coming off an upset of Sweden, had the Americans down 2-0 going into the 3rd period yesterday but the US prevailed after four straight goals in the final period.  The shots were a little lopsided towards the Norway net 49-15.  Nick Palmieri had two goals for the US, he's a guy I've looked into a few times this season as he was given some nice opportunities by the Devils down the stretch but I don't think he has a ton of upside.