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Tuesday's Injury Updates - Pronger, Boucher, Gagne...

Chris Pronger missed last night's game and depending on who you believe he was either sick or dealing with a back or hamstring or hand injury... or some combination of all of them.  Not sure how long he's out for as his status is likely just the obligatory "day-to-day".

Brian Boucher hurt his hand in the 2nd period last night and had to leave the game for a bit but he returned in the 3rd and appears to be fine, at least as far as we can tell.

Michael Leighton has an undisclosed injury and has been a scratch for the past three games... it's not like the team needs him right now but with the way things have been going for the Flyers, he could be called upon again at some point in the playoffs. 

Guy Boucher says there is a "slim" chance that Simon Gagne (head) and Pavel Kubina (UBI) can return for tonight's game #3... I'd be surprised if either of them play. 

The Bruins' Adam McQuaid left last night's game with a nasty looking neck injury.