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Wednesday's Daily Dosage - Backstrom, Fisher, Downie...

Backstrom is just holding on and hoping that his linemates will carry him in these playoffs
Backstrom is just holding on and hoping that his linemates will carry him in these playoffs

HEADS UP: David Kennedy is our new leader in the FHS Playoff Pool, he's been making hay on the back of six players from both Tampa & Washington so he'd surely like to see that series go a little longer.

Things are going from bad to worse for Nicklas Backstrom as he looked pretty disinterested last night and ended the night with no points or shots despite leading the team in ice-time (24:46)... he now has just 2A to show for eight playoff games.

Mike Fisher came out strong in the playoffs and everyone was praising his acquisition as a genuis move but he's now gone six games with just 1A.

Steve Downie with an assist last night and he has 2+7=9 over his last six games and leads the league in ESP/60mins in these playoffs.

I didn't care for the GWG by Ryan Malone last night as I didn't know it was legal to use your stick to push the goalie into the net while the puck bounces in off your skate?  Here's the video, watch Neuvirth and explain to me how he has a chance to make this save. (UPDATE: Kerry Fraser, of all people, agrees with me, the goal should have been called back).

Looking at stats yesterday I made a note to mention Ryan Kesler today as he had no goals in the playoffs in his first nine games but he cut that off at the pass with an inspired game collecting 2+1=3, including the OT goal, and six shots last night.

Michal Neuvirth gave up four goals last night and has now been beaten 10 times in this series (.868 sv%) so it's time to go to Semyon Varlamov to see if he can salvage something here. 

Vincent Lecavalier with another goal last night and he has points in eight of his last nine games (5+6=11) in these playoffs... he's going to give some keeper league owners headaches as he's looking a lot better now than he did all year, so they'll have to figure out which Vinny we'll see next season?

Another strong outing for Sean Bergenheim as he scored and now has 5+1=6 over his last seven games... he's keeping the great tradition of Druce, Kontos, Pisani, etc. alive as a guy that has no business scoring with this kind of frequency going on a tear during the playoffs.

Jiri Hudler could be a healthy scratch tonight for the Wings.

The Blue Jackets brought Gustaf Wesslau over from the SEL this season but his AHL seasoning didn't go so well (12-16-1, 3.17 & .897) so he's headed back to the SEL for next year... and, likely, for good.

We noted when the Wild made a deadline deal to get Mikko Lehtonen from the Bruins as he had a nice season in the SEL, leading the league in goals and 2nd in points (30+28=58 in 55 games), but he's apparently on his way to the KHL next season.

At the WCs yesterday... Canada squeaked past the Swiss 4-3 as they had trouble breaking down Leonardo Genoni as he stopped 57 of 61 shots.  Evgeni Nabokov was pulled after allowing three goals on 20 shots for the Russian but they went on to beat the Slovaks anyway.  Nabby has now allowed nine goals on 83 shots against such powerhouses like Germany, Slovenia & Slovakia.