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Friday's Daily Dosage - J.Ward, Kesler, Luongo...

HEADS UP:  Loren Calpas has joined David Kennedy at the top of the leaderboard in our FHS Playoff Pool... LC loaded up on TB & VAN guys and that's looking pretty genius right about now.  

Nashville's "Big Guns" of Mike Fisher, Sergei Kostitsyn & Patric Hornqvist have combined for just 1A over the past six games and since the whole team has generated just six goals in the 2nd round so far, they could really use at least one of these guys stepping up.

Joel Ward has points in eight of his last nine games (5+4=9)... he's providing some much needed offense for the Preds but I wouldn't get your hopes up that Ward has turned into an elite point producer, he's pretty well established as a 30-something point guy.

Ryan Kesler had his second straight three-point & six shot game last night as he's starting to take over the 2nd round series as many would have expected based on his strong regular season.

If it wasn't for his greasy hair Roberto Luongo probably wouldn't need to shower after last night's game as he only had to stop 19 of 21 shots for the victory.  This series has been a nice break for him as he's only faced 24.5 shots/60mins after facing 30.6 in the 1st round against Chicago. 

Henrik Sedin with his first point in five games and his first goal (ENG) in the playoffs last night... he came in with just 1A & a minus-9 over his prior seven games.

Christian Ehrhoff with 1+2=3 last night and that's five points over the past two games to give him the lead in points by a dman with 2+7=9 in 11 games.  He's still unsigned for next season, it's going to be very interesting to see where he ends up and whether the production will continue at the same level if he moves on.

The Predators gave Colin Wilson his first game of the playoffs last night as Steve Sullivan was out.  He played all 82 games during the regular season so we'll have to see how he responds to this prolonged benching and ego beating.  I still like the kid's upside but I'd like it a lot more on another team.

The Flyers are expected to give the ball to Sergei Bobrovsky in game #4 to see if he can salvage anything... he hasn't started since game #2 vs Buffalo where he only lasted 13 minutes after giving up three goals.

It's rivalry day at the WCs today as Canada takes on the US this morning and the Czechs meet the host Slovakians this aft.