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Friday's Injury Updates - Ovechkin, Poti, Sullivan...

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Alex Ovechkin admitted yesterday that he had a few injuries that were bothering him at the end of the season and into the playoffs.  He remained pretty cryptic about the details but there is speculation that he was playing through a pretty serious knee injury for the last two months. [more]

Injuries have always dogged Tom Poti throughout his career and Caps GM George McPhee said yesterday that Poti's career could be at risk as he's been unable to rehab his groin injury.  He's been pretty unreliable for fantasy GMs the past few years anyway so hopefully this won't be a huge loss.

The Predators have ruled Steve Sullivan out for the rest of the 2nd round with a knee injury and I'll bet his playoffs are over, which could be moot as Nashville might not be alive much longer.

Sami Salo returned to the Canucks lineup last night after missing four games with a leg injury... start the stop-watch on his next injury.