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Saturday's Injury Updates - Bergeron & Leighton

This could be some really bad news for the Bruins
This could be some really bad news for the Bruins

Slow day for injury news...

Patrice Bergeron left last night's game after taking a heavy hit from Claude Giroux and he went to the dressing room looking a little dazed.  Reports say that he did suffer a concussion and given his history with those, this is really bad news for the Bruins.

Michael Leighton had been a scratch since he imploded in game #6 against Buffalo.  The team said he was out with an injury and said recently that it was a back injury, which isn't good as that's what knocked him out for the first half of the season.  At the same time there is speculation that he has a bad attitude and isn't happy with his treatment this season so this should make for an interesting offseason as he has another year left on his deal but the Flyers will likely be looking for a goalie to platoon with Bobrovsky next year.