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Sunday's Injury Updates - Samuelsson, Bergeron & Franzen

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Samuelsson's lower left side is banged up
Samuelsson's lower left side is banged up

Mikael Samuelsson left last night's game after going down awkwardly... the team said afterwards that he has a LBI and won't travel to Nashville for game #6.  Not that you'll really miss him, actually this is probably a positive for your fantasy team as he has just 1A & a minus-8 over his last nine games.

Patrice Bergeron's concussion is being called "mild" and all the team is saying is that they expect him to miss the beginning of the next series against Tampa.  I have no idea when he'll come back but recall that the Penguins originally said that Crosby would just miss a week or two when he was first diagnosed with his concussion.

Johan Franzen has played in all four games of the SJ series but has no points and the speculation is that his ankle injury is really bothering him and he prolly shouldn't be playing... he hasn't been practicing on the off-days.