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Monday's Daily Dosage - Thomas, Clendening, M.Read...

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Pretty much no news on Sunday, so we'll join the mainstream media in a little gossip...

Roberto Luongo made a stupid comment on Saturday that Tim Thomas wasn't showing him the love:  

I've been pumping his tires ever since the series started, and I haven't heard one nice thing he had to say about me.

... this is when Thomas could have just said I have a lot of respect for him, he's a great goalie... but instead he threw a giant bone to the media and said exactly what I would have said:

I didn't realize it was my job to pump his tires. I guess I have to apologize for that.

... zing!

You know it's a slow news day when... Darren Dreger has been working hard the past few days coming up with the news-flash that the officials in the SCF have been told to not touch the puck after the winning goal and let someone from either team pick it up.

In another bizarre twist of the whole Winnipeg saga, GM Kevin Cheveldayoff is in the market for a new head coach... he hasn't fired Craig Ramsay yet but will begin to interview candidates to replace him.  One of those candidates he'll interview to replace the not-yet-fired coach is... Craig Ramsay.  This team was a disaster last year finishing 29th in the league in goals against, 26th in shots against and was nothing special offensively (20th in goals scored) so you'd think that Cheveldayoff will likely come to the conclusion that he can find someone who can do more with this squad.

All the team blogs at SB Nation are participating in a mock draft with a few picks getting revealed each day.  These guys take their selections seriously and really know their teams inside and out so if they're recommending that their team draft a guy, then you can take it to the bank.  A few notable picks so far include Copper & Blue using the #1 pick to take Adam Larsson and In Lou We Trust taking Sean Couturier at #4 for the Devils (a great pick IMHO) and passing on Jonathan Huberdeau, who everyone seems to have penciled into the top 5 in their mocks. 

We've been busy putting together the rankings for our Fantasy Prospect Rankings (that should be out later this week) and here's an early heads-up on a few guys that I think are flying under-the-radar... only ranked #45 amongst NA skaters by CS, Adam Clendening had a solid freshmen season at BU with 5+21=26 in 39 games and he appears to have a little chippy side to his game as well racking up 80 PIMs this year.  It's not finalized yet but right now he's our #2 ranked draft eligible dman from a fantasy perspective.

Another prospect I like is the Flyers Matt Read, he signed as a FA after four years at Bemidji State where he put up 22+13=35 in 37 games which may not seem that special but realize that his team only scored 2.34 gpg.  After his college season ended he joined Adirondack and had 7+6=13 in 11 AHL games.  Given the Flyers cap situation and dearth of quality prospects, I think he has a chance to crack the NHL roster next season.