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Wednesday's Daily Dosage - Zaza, Edler, P.MacLean...

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Game Seven tonight... Game SEVVVEEENNNNNNNNNNN...   

... Enjoy!... and remember, Nothing Easy.

Mason Raymond's injury is very serious as he has a fractured vertebrae and GM Mike Gillis said the team would be "very happy" if they get him him back by November.  Let's hope he makes a speedy recover but take note keeper leaguers as Raymond has a lot of rehab to do.

This one is not as serious but could have a huge impact on the Canucks as Alexander Edler was banged up in game #6, leaving the game in the 3rd period, and is questionable for tonight's game #7.  This would be doubly disturbing as it might force Keith Ballard to play again and nobody wants to see that.

Paul MacLean is the new Senators head coach, he joins them after nine years as an NHL Assistant mostly teaming up with Mike Babcock, so the obvious straw-grasping of how his team will play is that it will be an up-tempo possession style and MacLean pretty much showed his cards yesterday at the presser:

The NHL is a fast and physical league. It needs to be played that way. The game is played over 200 feet, you have to be able to skate the whole rink. We’ll play good defence, but we’re going to come out and attack the net.

Although, to be fair, I've never heard a coach come out and say that his team is just going to sit back and bore the fans to tears when he's first hired but a lot of them end up doing that anyway.  Anyhoo, this has to be good news for Sens fans as the were 29th in the league in scoring last year and could use a little boost there.  The other thing worth watching will be if MacLean shares the Wings philosophy on being overly patient with young players or if he's willing to throw them into the fire as the Sens have a few good ones, David Rundblad, Bobby ButlerStephane Da Costa especially, that poolies will be hoping can have an immediate impact next season. 

The Leafs extended dman Carl Gunnarsson for another two years... he spent most of the first half of the season riding the pine or being scratched but step up into a top 4 role at the end of the season and had 1+6=7 over his last 10 games.  I don't see him as a great fantasy option and his opportunities could take a hit if the Leafs are active in the FA market.

The two-week window for teams to buy-out contracts opens today Friday (48 hours after game #7) ... the agents for guys like Chris Drury & Sheldon Souray should be busy.