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Sunday's Daily Dosage - Jagr, Landeskog, Khabibulin...

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Sounds like Jagr could be surrounded by Swedes in Detroit next season.
Sounds like Jagr could be surrounded by Swedes in Detroit next season.

Not much news this weekend as teams prepare for the Draft & FA Frenzy... so we've got a few links for ya...

George Malik at Kukla's with some translated quotes from Jaromir Jagr where it's revealed that the Red Wings are sounding pretty serious about signing this guy as Jagr & Babcock had a long conversation recently.  Jagr was a little fuzzy on the details when asked about the convo but he did pick up that Babcock likes to chat...

I can’t remember, after all it was a week ago. I don’t know what’s happened half an hour ago. I’m old, I just remember that Babcock talked for a long time.  

Corey Pronman from Hockey Prospectus with an interesting plea to NHL GMs picking in the top 5 to pass on Gabriel Landeskog.  The article is worth the read, not so much to educate yourself on Landeskog but moreso cause the concept is one that a lot of fantasy GMs don't seem to fully grasp.  You have to balance risk & upside but there's not much point in using a high pick in a fantasy draft on a future two-way, physical forward with leadership skills.

Jonathan Willis from HOTH with a list of RFAs that he thinks could be targeted and stolen by offer sheets on or after July 1st.  Sure, guys like Doughty & Stamkos could get offer sheets but they ain't going anywhere, this is a list of players where there is a possibility that they could move.  Tyler Kennedy would probably be the only one with any fantasy significance as he's coming off a career best 21+24=45 in his fourth season in the league.

Another from Jonathan Willis over at HOTH as he tries to ascertain the chances that Nikolai Khabibulin could bounceback next year after the calamitous first two seasons in Edmonton by looking back at the the recent history of aging goalies.  Not to spoil the read but Willis concludes that the odds aren't in Khabby's favour.