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Monday's Daily Dosage - Lidstrom, Bryzgalov, Biega...

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We're expecting to hear shortly that Lidstrom will lace them up again next year
We're expecting to hear shortly that Lidstrom will lace them up again next year

Nicklas Lidstrom is expected to inform Wings GM Ken Holland today or tomorrow of whether or not he will play next season and the prevailing wisdom is that the 41-year-old will be back for another year.  Good news for those of us who own him in a dynasty league as his game really hasn't slipped (aside from the minus-2 this season).

Ilya Bryzgalov is telling people that he thinks a deal with the Flyers could be worked out sometime this week, so it sounds like the two sides are fairly close.  Not sure if this means the Flyers will be moving another salary somewhere else or if they've found cap space for now.  Either way, at the least, this likely means they can't sign UFA Ville Leino and one of Sergei Bobrovsky/Michael Leighton are gone.

TSN is reporting that the Salary Cap for next season will go to $64M, almost a $5M increase from this year.  Good news for teams like the Flyers, Flames & Hawks that are right up against it already and need every penny of space they can find.  This also means the Cap Floor will be raised to $48M which will require low budget teams like the Islanders, Coyotes & Panthers to splash a lot money around just to reach the minimum.

We're still working on our Top 500 Fantasy Prospect Rankings, was hoping to have it out in early June but sometimes life happens, so now it makes more sense to release them once the NHL draft is over so let's go for early next week.  Was looking at the prospect dmen this weekend and one stat that I find very useful is a player's ppg as a % of team goals, since it allows you to compare players across teams and leagues a little easier.  The prospect dman with the highest % was no surprise, Ryan Ellis was in on 42% of Windsor's goals this season but #2 on the list was Carolina prospect Danny Biega who put up .88 ppg on a Harvard team that only averaged 2.26 goals per game for a 39% ratio.

One other interesting note, there were only four dmen prospects playing professionally that were in on at least 25% of their team's scoring... David Rundblad, SEL (29%), Erik Gustafsson, AHL (28%), Marc-Andre Gragnani, AHL (27%) & Justin Braun, AHL (26%).