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Friday's Daily Dosage - The 'WTF Just Happened?' edition

Paul Holmgren's cell bill will be ridiculous this month
Paul Holmgren's cell bill will be ridiculous this month

HOLY HAND-GRENADES, was yesterday for realz???

The Jeff Carter trade to Columbus for Jakub Voracek and picks (1st & 3rd) had been speculated for a while but then turning around and trading captain Mike Richards to the Kings for Brayden Schenn, Wayne Simmonds & a 2nd was just loco.  All that so the Flyers could have the privilege of signing Ilya Bryzgalov to a nine-year, $51M deal.  Alright, lets try to sort out what the fantasy fallout was from yesterday...

I think Jeff Carter should see a small bump in his value as he'll be the undisputed #1C for the CBJs and playing with Rick Nash on a full-time basis.  His addition obviously hurts guys like Antoine Vermette and Derick Brassard who had the #1C by default but now they'll have to take on different roles playing with lesser talent.

I'm a big fan of Jakub Voracek's upside but he's going to a much deeper team and I can see him getting lost on the Flyers.  He certainly won't get the opportunities that he was getting in Columbus where he played 17 mpg with 3 mpg on the PP this year.  I still think this guy is going to be a solid fantasy guy but he's a riskier pick now.

I can't say I'm that fond of Mike Richards in LA, on one hand he's probably glad to be escaping the scrutiny in Philly but he's definitely going to a less talented team that isn't going to score as much (LA was 25th in the league in gpg while Philly was 3rd this year).  We'll have to wait and see how it all works out but I'd say it's a lateral move at best. 

Like Voracek, I can see Wayne Simmonds getting lost in Philly but there's also a chance that he lands a role as a complimentary RW on a big line with some very talented players.  At the least, he'll be encouraged to continue his physical game so the PIMs & hits should be there.

Maybe I shouldn't like this move for Brayden Schenn too much as he'll have to start as the #3C next season (or in the AHL for cap reasons) but I tend to think that he's better off on a deep & offensive Flyers team and slowly developing like a Giroux or JVR than being handed the #2C role on a defensive LA team and playing with some stiffs like Dustin Penner.  Schenn has a world of potential and he'll find a way to move himself up the lineup over the next few years. 

I really like the combined effect of freeing up Carter & Richards ice-time and giving more to James van Riemsdyk... he only averaged 14:31 with 1:19 on the PP during the regular season but showed that he's ready to break out if given the opportunity when he had seven goals & 70 shots while playing 19:23 & 3:41 during 11 playoff games.

Ilya Bryzgalov should be a top fantasy goalie playing on a much better team but we'll see how he handles the pressure that comes with that.  Flyers goalies seem to be cursed so we'll see if that continues with The Bryz.  Not sure what the Flyers have planned for Sergei Bobrovsky but you'd imagine they aren't interested in holding on to backup with a $1.75M cap hit so he may be moved eventually.

Sounds like the Flames are trying to clear space to bring in Ryan Smyth... why on earth would they want to do that?  Old dudes with $6.25M cap hits is exactly what they don't need but GM Jay Feaster seems to have Darryl Sutter fever right now and can't help but taking on more good ole Western Canadian boys with big salaries.

The Habs officially announced the Andrei Markov signing and it was actually for three years.  As I mentioned the other day, he's not that old (just 32) and odds are he won't have another lost season due to injuries so while I won't be targeting him with an early pick, he'll be a guy to keep in mind once the top tier of dmen are gone.

The Sharks re-signed RFA Devin Setoguchi to a three year deal... he's been largely disappointing the past two seasons after breaking out with 31+34=65 in 2008-09.  I wouldn't give up on him though as you know he's going to be playing with a great center (Thornton, Couture or Pavelski) and one of these seasons things will fall into place and he'll get back to his previous level.

Winnipeg announced that they were promoting Moose head coach Claude Noel to the NHL.  He's been a good AHL coach having a nice run with Milwaukee from 2003-2007 that included two trips to the finals and one Calder Cup title.  He was the interim coach in Columbus just briefly (2009-10) but really showed a willingness to play the young kids as Jakub Voracek, for one, really thrived with Noel behind the bench.