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Wednesday's Daily Dosage - Laich, Pitkanen, MA Bergeron...

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The Capitals gave Brooks Laich a big money extension... I'm a fan of his as he plays every game and despite his numbers slipping backwards last season, he's generally been improving every year.  While he typically plays on a scoring line, he has the curse of being "good in his own end" so he's often asked to fill the defensive conscience role on a line with a few cherry-pickers.   

Jaromir Jagr is reportedly mulling over contract offers from Pittsburgh & Detroit... word is that he'll come to a decision in the next day or two and make it official by signing on July 1st.  Both are good situations for The Mulleted-One as he'll be lining up with some great C-men and should see his fair share of PP time.

Vancouver has trading Christian Ehrhoff's rights to the Islanders, so they will get a headstart on the field in trying to sign him.  Sounds like this guy is going to be a beneficiary of a f-upped system where a number of teams are going to have to overpay a weak class of UFAs just to get to the floor... having said that, I still wouldn't count on Ehrhoff signing with the Isles as he'll have plenty of options if he waits until July 1st.

Joni Pitkanen re-signed with Carolina on a three-year deal... if you can get past the fact that he's the king of the day-to-day injuries (averaging 69 games/season since the lockout) then you get a decent fantasy option as he's averaged 7+31=38 with 69 PIMs over the past six seasons.  I think he's underrated and you know he's going to log a lot of ice-time for the HurricanesJamie McBain's owners can't be happy about this signing as it means the young dman is likely going to have to take a backseat to Pitkanen & Corvo again when it comes to PP opportunities.

Good news here as Marc-Andre Bergeron has re-signed with Tampa on a two-year deal, so he won't have to wait until after the season starts to find a team this year.  I'm a believer in this guy and so is Guy Boucher so keep him on your radar.  He'll likely just fill the 7th dman & PP specialist role for TB and probably won't see a lot of minutes but Boucher will use him almost exclusively in offensive situations and he led Lightning dmen in PPTOI/gm last season.  If he can stay healthy then he's good for 30+ points which is solid return relative to where you can get him on draft day. 

Pascal Dupuis re-signed for two more seasons with Pittsburgh... he may end up playing on Crosby's line again if they can't afford anyone better but you'd have to be digging pretty deep if you're considering this guy.

Cam Barker has been placed on waivers by Minnesota and they may buy him out shortly... let's just say it hasn't worked out for him in Minny as he has just 2+10=12 in 71 games with the Wild after putting up 6+34=40 in 68 games for Chicago in 2008/09.  There's not a lot of positives to take from his time in Minnesota but let's see where he ends up before figuring out which way he goes from here.