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Friday's Daily Dosage - Richards, Crosby, Sjogren...

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Due to their ownership situation (see: hot mess) the Stars likely won't be in a position to make an offer to Brad Richards before July 1st so look for him to be traded prior to going UFA as teams will want to get him signed before he goes to market.  There won't be a lot of elite talent available as UFAs this summer so that makes Richards' services even more desired.

Sidney Crosby met with a concussion specialist this week and was cleared to begin his off-season workout routine... is this good news?  I guess but he was working out at the end of the season before suffering a setback so until he gets himself back into game action, I'm still skeptical.  Let the Summer of Sidney Injury Updates begin! 

Dan Hamhuis is day-to-day and questionable for Saturday's game #2 with a what they're describing as a mid-body injury... so groin or back is the best guess. 

Roman Polak re-signed with the Blues yesterday on a five-year deal... no fantasy impact here.

The Sabres signed Mark Pysyk, their 1st rounder from 2010, to an ELC... I think he's flown under the radar of a few people as he's had decent numbers (6+34=40 in 63 games this season) playing on a weak WHL team in Edmonton.  He'll be an NHLer, that's pretty clear, it's just whether he translates to an point producing type dman or just a two-way puck moving type.

Florida signed 2009 4th rounder Garrett Wilson to an ELC... he's coming off a big OHL season for Owen Sound where he had 40+46=86 in 66 games.  I think he has potential but I question how much of his success came from playing with Joey Hishon so we'll see how he looks in the AHL next year.

Thanks to loyal reader Edanger6 for pointing out that the Caps signed undrafted 23-year-old Swede Mattias Sjogren to an ELC... he's never been much of a scorer during his time in Sweden with 8+25=33 in 64 games (regular & playoffs) this year but did make the Swedish WC team, albeit in a defensive role.  These mid-career euro-vets rarely go on to be fantasy contributors and I'm not sure I'd even draft Sjogren in an SEL fantasy league.