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Thursday's Daily Dosage - Kariya, Roloson, D.Jones...

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Paul Kariya has announced that he's retiring, so the fantasy world is losing a good one as he was a fantasy monster during the dead puck era.  As we do when a star retires let's shine a light on his best fantasy season... In 1998/99 he finished 3rd in league scoring with 39+62=101 in 82 games and he led league in shots with 429(!), the next highest total was 343.  It's a shame that he missed so much time due to injuries over the years and it's now cutting his career short.

Tampa re-signed 41-year-old Dwayne Roloson to a one-year deal so barring any craziness it appears that he'll be their #1 this coming season.  This guy just keeps on truckin' and he's pretty consistent year after year so I'm not expecting anything less this season.

It used to be that just the top players had their rights swapped prior to July 1st but as a preview of how nutty things are going to get this summer, pretty much anyone is fair game... yesterday James Wisniewski (traded to Columbus), Steve Montador (traded to Chicago) and Christian Ehrhoff (traded to Buffalo... one day after being traded to Long Island) were all moved.  It wouldn't surprise me if none of these guys sign as they'll surely have lots of teams to choose from by waiting an extra day.

Tomas Kopecky's rights were traded a few days ago and Florida gave him 12 million reasons to sign early... bad deal but Florida will probably be signing randoms to a lot of bad deals over the next few weeks.

Ville Leino's agent says he hasn't spoken with the Flyers in a week so it sounds like he'll be unrestricted starting tomorrow.

A few RFAs are off the market after signing extensions yesterday... Nathan Gerbe, Yannick Weber (two-way?), Luca Caputi (two-way) and David Jones.  No real change in value for any of these guys but Jones is a worth a mention as he re-signed for one season and is set to become a UFA next summer, so he's got extra motivation to perform this season.  I like Jonesy as he converts on a high percentage of his chances (17.0% career s%) but getting him to shoot more has been an issue.  He was finally able to stay healthy last season but that's always a huge concern.

Reports say that T.J. Oshie has re-signed with the Blues on a one-year deal. 

The Rangers offcially bought out the last year of Chris Drury's brutal deal... now we'll find out if he really is hurt and will miss the season or if he's miraculously recovered and finds a new team that wants him.  I'm 99% sure that his fantasy days are over but you never know.

Missing a deadline, it happens to all of us... but this could be costly for the Nashville Predators as they may have blown the deadline for sending out Qualifying Offers to some of their RFAs including Sergei Kostitsyn & Cal O`Reilly, and the NHLPA is filing a grievance.  On The Forecheck is all over this like white gravy on breakfast.