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Monday's Daily Dosage - Yakupov, Puempel, Malkin...

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It was a slow news Sunday, so not much to talk about...

I'm a little behind in some of my reading so this is from a few days ago.... some interesting projections put together by Neate Sager at Buzzing The Net where he's used Gabe Desjardins NHLe and some other adjustments to come up with, hypothetically, what kind of production we could expect from the top CHL players next season in the NHL.  Age is obviously a huge factor in the calculations so 2012 draft eligible Nail Yakupov comes out on top, which shouldn't be a surprise as 101 points for a 17-year-old OHL rookie is seriously impressive.  I also like that Sean Couturier is given some respect on this list while a lot of draft experts seem to have written him off as not flashy enough.  Another guy who I'm also a fan of and will be rated highly once our 2011 draft rankings from a fantasy perspective are released (as part of our Fantasy Prospect Rankings spreadsheet) is Matt Puempel.  Like Joey Hishon last year, look for him to slide under the radar (he's ranked 28th amongst NA skaters by CS) but then get picked in the 1st round.  Puempel only had 69 points this year but played just 55 games and was on a weak Peterborough squad so you have to take that into consideration.

The other thing that caught me eye yesterday was this little nugget from our friend Dobber [link]:

Evgeni Malkin's knee injury is healing quickly, according to Chesnokov. Don't doubt me on this - if he recovers completely, with no pain, he's getting 120 points. In his sleep.

Well then.  Just for the record here's what Dobber predicted for Malkin the past two seasons:

2009/10:  Predicted-119 pts, Actual-77 pts (94 pts per82 gm pace)

2010/11:  Predicted-107 pts, Actual-37 pts (71 pts per82 gm pace)