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Wednesday's Daily Dosage - Bryzgalov, Bobrovsky, Lehner...

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After Atlanta, this is the biggest move of the offseason so far
After Atlanta, this is the biggest move of the offseason so far

I said yesterday that we should wait and see where Ilya Bryzgalov ends up before rejoicing about him moving and while the Flyers have acquired his rights, they still need to sign him so this ain't resolved yet.  The Flyers will have to get creative with the cap to make this work so we'll see what they come up with.  Bryzgalov would look nice in orange but I wouldn't expect a big jump in his numbers as it's hard to improve on what he's done the past two seasons. 

If the Flyers can sign Bryzgalov and given how durable he's been (65+ games in each of the last three seasons), it wouldn't leave much action for Sergei Bobrovsky and he'd likely have to head to the AHL for a season or two.  That would be a real kick to the nuts for his owners that were likely hoping to see him progress after a fine rookie season.

Binghamton is your 2010/11 Calder Cup champs with a 4-2 series victory over Houston.  Robin Lehner stopped 34 of 36 for the win last night and took home playoff MVP award for his 14-4, 2.10 & .939 performance.  Bobby Butler scored last night and was 3rd in playoff goals with 13+4=17 in 23 games... a good showing for him that builds on a promising season.  Matt Hackett finished at 14-10, 2.50 & .903 for the playoffs but this was a pretty impressive run for a rookie that was only one-upped by Lehner.

Nathan Horton was released from the hospital yesterday but the Bruins have ruled him out for the rest of the series due to a severe concussion.  If there's a team that knows how serious these things are it's Boston as they've had to patiently wait for guys like Savard & Bergeron to recover.

Daniel Alfredsson said back in April that he hoped he wouldn't need surgery on his bad back and just like most of his predictions, he was wrong.  He'll have surgery this week and the original word was that it would take 4-6 weeks to heal before he can begin working out, so this could have him a step behind in his preparations for next season... and coming off a down season at the age of 38, you have to be concerned.