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Tuesday's Daily Dosage - Vokoun, Sexton, MacDonald...

<em>Kid, don't become a goalie, the market is fricken saturated</em>
Kid, don't become a goalie, the market is fricken saturated

Caps Coach Bruce Boudreau had some praise for Tomas Vokoun yesterday and had this to say about who will be his #1 goalie this season:

You’ve got to give Vokoun the respect that he’s coming in and he’s going to be the No. 1 guy. We’ll see where it goes from there.

Vokoun's not the 70+ games type and given that he's only on a one-year deal, I can see something like a 55-27 split in starts between him and Neuvirth.  [WaPo]

Dan Sexton re-signed with the Ducks on the two-year deal... the first year is two-way and the last year is one-way.  I think this guy has some nice potential as he's been a point-a-game player in limited AHL action over the past two seasons but he couldn't be in a worse position playing RW behind Perry & Selanne in Anaheim.  Once Selanne retires then expect Sexon's ice-time (11:35/gm), PP TOI (0:23/gm) and value to go way up.

Goalie Joey MacDonald re-signed with Detroit on a two-way deal but the team says they're still going to sign another goalie to be their #2 guy.  But if that guy is Chris Osgood then we could see more of Joey Mac in the NHL than we'd expect.

Ottawa signed minor-league dman Lee Sweatt to a two-year deal... he's had some experience over in Europe and saw three games with the Canucks last year.  He's not likely to see much NHL action but could get into a few games if the likes of Kuba & Gonchar breakdown ahead of him.

If you're a big Cody Bass fan then you'll be swapping your Sens jersey for a CBJs sweater... or, more practically, one from the Springfield Falcons.