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Monday's Daily Dosage - C.Smith, Repik, Rundblad...

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School's out for-ever
School's out for-ever

Not much news out there these days... unless you want the typical "Player X is dominating at Team Y's Prospect Camp, this guy is going to be unreal".  It's even worse if the hype is based on some meaningless shootout attempts... but for those of you that eat this stuff up, here's one of Mikael Granlund and another featuring Ryan Strome from their respective prospect camps.

Here's some welcome news for those of us that are too cool for school... Nashville prospect Craig Smith won't be returning to UofWisconsin for his final two years as he'll be signing a deal with the Preds shortly.  This kid impressed at the WCs for the US this spring and had two decent seasons at Wiscy were he showed some offensive upside and some aggression (19+24=43 & 87 PIMs in 41 games last year).  The Preds will likely have him start in the AHL but he could be on the fast-track and see some NHL action before the year is through.  [On The Forecheck with the news]

I was really hoping that the summer shakedown in Florida would land Michal Repik in a good situation as I've always liked this kid.  He re-signed for another season on a two-way deal but there have been seven new forwards added over the summer that will be ahead of him on the depth chart and it's looking like he'll  be lucky to even make the team out of training camp.  Too bad but maybe he gets moved and someone else gives him a chance, ala Grabner last season... we can dream, can't we?

Great stuff from our friends at HockeyPookGeek as they look at just how amazing this past season by David Rundblad was by looking at how it fits into the history of the SEL... prepare to be amazed.

Via Rich Hammond, Kings prospect Maxim Kitsyn will be heading back to the KHL to fulfill the final two years of his contract... oh lord, who knows when/if we'll see him back in North America.

This is a nothing signing but just thought I'd mention that Marc-Antoine Pouliot has signed with PHX on a two-way deal.  They acquired him at the draft from TB for the equivalent of a roll of tape (aka a 7th round pick).  They likely just wanted him to add some scoring punch to their AHL squad as he was top five in the league in scoring last year with 25+47=72 in 69 games but you never know what could happen.