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Tuesday's Daily Dosage - Wheeler, Yashin, Rundblad...

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The Jets re-signed Blake Wheeler on a two-year deal yesterday... we've been waiting for a breakout for him for a few years but he couldn't quite put it all together in Boston. Some guys are better as a little fish on a better team whereas Wheeler really thrived with the additional ice-time in ATL and put up 7+10=17 in 23 games. He's never been a guy to shoot the puck much but the message seemed to get through as he increased his spg from 1.74 to 3.39 following the trade. All signs here are pointing to a breakout season this year (and The Breakout Bible will reflect that) as Wheeler will be on L1 & PP1 for the Jets.

Alexei Yashin is in the market for some more money and so the rumours that he might consider a return to the NHL are starting to circulate. I would bet heavily against this guy coming back, he's 37 and has already made shedloads of cash (a lot of it from the Islanders for not playing)... so I don't see the motivation. [Dmitry Chesnokov with the story]

Chris Osgood will announce today if he's returning for another season or retiring... there has been speculation that it could be either and since it doesn't really matter to me either way, I'll just wait to see what the announcement is before commenting.

We mentioned David Rundblad yesterday and our friend Diomedes asked us in the comments about our projection for this season... now is the part where I quote myself:

I’ll admit that I may be reaching a little but I’m totally buying what Rundblad is selling. I agree that the situation could be better for him if Gonchar & Karlsson weren’t ahead of him… so that will make him a bit of a risk but I’m assuming Gonchar will be out injured for a while and I think there’ll be enough minutes for Rundblad to get his points.

I like him for around 35 this year, give or take a few points and I reserve the right to modify that a little. Haven’t written his profile in the Bible yet, that’s when I’ll really nail down what I think he can do but I like him to be productive right away.

... so that's my current thinking. Take a look at the video to get a little taste of his game:

... Love the heavy usage of the wristshot, Wendel Clark is proud.

What do you think, there's a lot of numbers floating around, which one are you buying?