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Wednesday's Daily Dosage - Stamkos, DeBoer, Sekera...

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I hope this big contract doesn't spell the end of Stamkos' Sears catalog modeling career
I hope this big contract doesn't spell the end of Stamkos' Sears catalog modeling career

Steven Stamkos was re-signed for five years... he's heading into his 4th season, so look for that magical 4th year breakout!!!

Pete DeBoer was named the HC in New Jersey yesterday... good move by Lou as this guy didn't become a bad coach over the past three years in Florida.  Going back to his days in the OHL he always had a strong squad both offensively and defensively and that's why it was pretty surprising that he couldn't make much improvements to either aspect during his time in Florida.  A lot of of it had to do with the talent he was given but his teams were still brutal on the PP each season and gave up an alarming number of shots.  The Devils should be fine defensively, as always, and I'd expect DeBoer to spark the offence a little as it would be hard to be worse than last year (30th in gpg, 26th in spg, 30th in sh% & 28th in PP%). 

Dman Andrej Sekera re-signed with the Sabres for four years... he made some strides with 29 points last season but with the Sabres adding Ehrhoff & Regehr in the offseason I think he'll probably see his minutes drop (he averaged 21/mpg).  Add to this that he won't give you much in goals, shots or PIMs/hits and I'm really not that fond of him.  His signing combined with the other offseason moves means Marc-Andre Gragnani is likely the odd man out or at least he'll have a difficult time earning minutes.

The Ducks inked Andrew Cogliano to a three-year deal... talked about him last week when he was traded to Anaheim, recall that it wasn't very flattering.  I think the Ducks are hoping he'll be the next Todd Marchant, which isn't going to help his fantasy potential.

Phoenix re-signed Brett MacLean on a two-way deal... the two-way aspect likely means that this kid will have to start another year in the AHL but I imagine he'll be one of their first call-ups when there are injuries.   I think this kid has a lot of potential as he's improved every year in the AHL (23+27=50 & 213 shtos in 51 games last year) but he might be with the wrong team as Phoenix is taking it really slow with him and Dave Tippett tends not to trust young players.

Chris Osgood is hanging up the pads, typically when a star retires we shine a light on their greatest fantasy season but since Osgood didn't really have any of those, we'll pass.  Did you know that in his 17 NHL seasons, he only registered better than a .910 sv% four times and he never once exceeded .917?... yikes.  Is there really a debate about this guy getting into the HOF?... really?  

The Wings are expected to sign Ty Conklin as their backup in the next few days... despite his sour numbers from last year (3.22 & .881), he's a significant upgrade from Osgood and should give the Wings a solid alternative to Howard, if he's struggling.