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Sunday's Daily Dosage - Vinny Prospal Edition

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Fantasy Hockey news is officially on vacation... this is all we got from yesterday...

The CBJs signed Vinny Prospal to a one-year deal.  He'll likely be asked to ride shotgun with Carter & Nash (assuming Nash plays RW) on the top line while Huselius is out (until Dec/Jan) and this could be a good fit for both player and team.  Prospal is 36 and slowing a little but he was still producing at a 65 point pace last year despite missing a large chunk of the season due to a knee injury.  Other than last season he had been very durable averaging 80 games per season in the first five years after the lockout, so his age doesn't really concern me.  His point totals the past six seasons are 80, 55, 71, 45, 58 & 23, so if he follows his typical pattern of alternating solid/disappointing seasons then this is due to be a "solid" one... I think 55+ points is a reasonable expectation with some additional upside if he clicks on the top line and can hold down that spot when Huselius returns.

This move shouldn't have a big impact on anyone else as Prospal will just be replacing Huselius but it would seem to bump Derick Brassard down to the 3rd line for most of the year and likely means that young guys like Matt Calvert & Ryan Johansen won't get the opportunity to fill-in on the top line.

Oh wait, there's more... yesterday we mentioned that reportedly Ryan Malone would have shoulder surgery and be out 4-6 months, well the Lightning have confirmed that Malone will have surgery but said that he "should" be ready for training camp... either way, I'd be a little wary.