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Friday's Daily Dosage - Rolston, Savard, Landeskog...

The Islanders acquired the contract that is attached to Brian Rolston from the Devils for Trent Hunter... purely a financial move here as the Islanders needed a big cap hit to get to the floor and the Devils needed space to get Parise signed.  Hunter has had a devil of a time (pun intended) staying healthy the past few seasons and I'd say he's a pretty useless player at this point... I can't imagine the Devils plan to play him on anything high than the 3rd line.  Rolston still has a little gas in the tank, even at the age of 38.  He hasn't had more than 37 points in any of the last three seasons in New Jersey but of his 34 points last year, 28 of them came in his last 40 games.  I imagine the Islanders will use him as 3rd liner who can help out on the PP, so I wouldn't be expecting more than 40 points out of him. 

Jannik Hansen resigned with the Canucks... he has some offensive upside but we're not likely to see it as he's buried on the 3rd line playing severely defensive minutes.  A long-term injury to either Burrows or Samuelsson could see him get a run on a scoring line but he's still not likely to see much PP time regardless.

Marc Savard say he still has headaches as a result of his last concussion (suffered in January) and so at this point in time I'd say a return for next season looks unlikely and retirement might be a serious consideration.

The Avs signed Gabriel Landeskog & Duncan Siemens, their 1st round picks from this summer's draft, to ELCs.  Siemens will be heading back to the WHL for another season or two but Landeskog will likely be in the NHL this fall.  In this situation Landeskog's big rookie bonuses actually help his case as they will count against the cap this year and that allows the Avs to get to the floor without having to spend the cash.  We're not that high on Landeskog's fantasy value (had him at #9 in the 2011 Draft class) as he hasn't shown high-end point producing ability but should be a player that does a little of everything.

Another 1st rounder from this summer, J.T. Miller, agreed to a deal with the Rangers.  He recently de-committed from North Dakota and will suit up for Plymouth in the OHL next season.  This also means he's AHL eligible at any point so the Rangers could send him to Hartford next season if they wish.