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Saturday's Daily Dosage - Parise, Kovalev & RNH vs Couturier

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Parise couldn't wait to find a table to sign that one-year contract.
Parise couldn't wait to find a table to sign that one-year contract.

Zach Parise & the Devils came to an agreement on a one-year deal yesterday... so they avoid arbitration but fall short of the long-term deal that both sides said they wanted.  They'll continue to work on a longer deal but this puts the Devils in a bit of a pickle as Parise can go UFA next summer and they would have to seriously consider trading him if they can't get him signed by the 2012 trade deadline.  I think Parise is a special player and expect him to come back flying after missing most of last year due to knee surgery.

Reports say Alex Kovalev has signed a two-year deal to play in the KHL next season.  This is probably the best thing for everyone so that he's not over here tempting fantasy GMs to grab him only to leave them disappointed in the end.  His productive NHL days essentially ended when he left Montreal in the summer of 2009... bad move.

As a follow-up to Scott Reynolds' piece on comparables for Ryan Nugent-Hopkins from the other day, Derek Zona of Copper & Blue compares RHN to the player people see as the closest fit, Brad Richards.   He throws in Sean Couturier to the mix to prove a point and guess who looks the best in the end after normalizing for league and team scoring?  Now this doesn't prove anything but have I ever mentioned that I'd take Couturier ahead of RNH in a prospect draft?... see our 2011 Fantasy Draft Rankings.