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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Free Agent Fallout 2011 Day 3

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Cody Franson was a great pickup by the Leafs and would make a good pickup for you as well.
Cody Franson was a great pickup by the Leafs and would make a good pickup for you as well.

The free agent signings have slowed but a couple of big trades for us to take a look at today.

Remember we're not judging the moves we're just looking at who's fantasy value is going up or down based on today's happenings.

No Change

Matthew Lombardi gets traded from Nashville to Toronto
Lombardi is hoping to be ready for training came but that's looking like a bit of a longshot.  Let's assume he does come back.  He'd have to outplay Mikhail Grabovski for the 2nd line center job and even if he does a 50 point pace is about all he'll put up.  Lots of risk for not a lot of reward.  Stay away and let a Leaf fan take on the risk... NO CHANGE


Up ArrowCody Franson gets traded from Nashville to Toronto
The big prize of this deal for the Leafs is picking up Franson.  He's just 23 years old and had 29 points in his 2nd NHL season last year.  He was playing less than two minutes per game on the PP and that will rise as he's the 2nd on the PP depth charts in Toronto.  Moving out of Shea Weber's and Ryan Suter's shadows should push him over 30 points with a shot at 40... BIG UPTICK


Up ArrowNiclas Bergfors went from Florida to Nashville - $0.575 million for 1 year
A nice pickup by the Preds and if he can manage to stick with the team on a scoring line he could be a good addition to your team as well.  The Preds aren't exactly loaded with talent up front, so the chances of him ending up on the 1st or 2nd line isn't out of the question.  Colin Wilson is probably his biggest competition but if the QO snafu the Preds are in means they lose a guy like Sergei Kostitsyn then Bergors' odd increase dramatically.  He played pretty well with Atlanta (47 point pace) the last two years so a breakout is possible.  He'll come super cheap on drat day so he's definitely worth the risk in deeper leagues, just remember he's no sure thing...  BIG UPTICK


Down Arrow

Dany Heatley gets traded from San Jose to Minnesota
Heater had his worst season since he was a Thrasher last year so maybe a change of scenery will get him back into the point-a-game guy we've seen the last few years.  He'll be playing with Mikko Koivu (and likely Pierre-Marc Bouchard) and that's definitely worse than what who he was lining up with in San Jose.  You can't be happy about this move if you're a Heately owner but at least he'll get leaned on a lot more heavily in Minny, so all hope is not lost... SLIGHT DOWNTICK


Up ArrowMikko Koivu gets a new linemate
Koivu spent most of last year playing with Andrew Brunette and Antti Miettinen and still somehow managed a 70 point pace.  The talent around him gets a big upgrade which could help Koivu get to the  point-a-game level for the first time in his career... BIG UPTICK


Up ArrowMartin Havlat gets traded from Minnesota to San Jose
It probably would have taken Havlat about three seconds to waive his no trade clause to go to SJ.  Our guess is he takes Heatley's spot next to Joe Thornton and when you add in Patrick Marleau you have a big gain in Havlat's fantasy value.  He's been a 60-65 point guy in Minnesota but he could jump back up to the 80 point range he was flashing in Chicago, assuming he can stay healthy... BIG UPTICK