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Tuesday's Daily Dosage - Jagr, Babchuk, Gragnani...

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Some great statistical analysis from Robert Vollman over at Hockey Prospectus on What to Expect from Jaromir Jagr this coming season.  He makes a case that we can reasonably expect 70+ points from Jagr.  When the rumours started about him returning to the NHL I had a number around 55-60 points in my head but with him signing with a good offensive team like Philly and due to Vollman's piece, I'm now open to the possibility of the stars aligning and him putting up around 65 points.  Where he goes in fantasy drafts will be one of the more interesting stories to monitor in the fall.

The Flames re-signed UFA dman Anton Babchuk to a two-year deal... he's had 35 points in each of his last two NHL season and looked good with the Flames last year following the trade from Carolina.  Brent Sutter didn't give him a ton of ice-time (avg 15:37 /gm) but used him in a lot of offensive situations and he performed well with 11 PPPs in 2:26/gm of PP time.  He should get more ice-time this year with Regehr gone but despite his large frame and cannon-shot he won't give you much in the PIMs or shots department.

Mike Weber re-signed with Buffalo on a one-way deal so this bring the number of NHL dmen the Sabres have signed to six with RFAs Andrej Sekera & Marc-Andre Gragnani still to sign.  My quick math tells me that they may have too many dmen and that it's going to be tough for Sekera & Gragnani to get quality ice-time.  Injuries will come up and the situation can change but on the surface things aren't looking promising for these two.  

Brett Sterling signed a two-way deal with St.Louis... this guy is one of the better snipers in the AHL but due to his size (5'7" & 175) he's only appeared in 26 NHL games with Atlanta & Pittsburgh.  I'm about done with hoping that some team is going to give him a shot and if you haven't already then you probably want to come to grips with that.

The Habs have brought back Brock Trotter on a two-way deal after he spent a year in the KHL.  He's still only 24 and had over a point-per-game in his last AHL season (2009/10).  Montreal certainly is not opposed to smallish players but there could be a limit to that and Trotter will have to wait for a number of injuries before getting a call-up.

The Coyotes have signed goalie Curtis McElhinney to a two-way deal so he'll be their #3 heading into the season... which is about right as he's never proven that he's an NHL calibre goalie during his last four seasons of limited action.

Interesting article over on Dobber Hockey by Stu McDonald advising you to avoid most small players cause they take too long to develop and are more prone to injuries.  While I agree with the fact that you need a lot of patience when drafting smaller players, I'd like to see some evidence to back up his claims about smaller players getting hurt more often than bigger players.  For every small player that he claims is fragile I can name plenty of average-sized/bigger players that are even more fragile like Lindros, Malkin, Gaborik, Pronger, Gonchar, Bertuzzi, Arnott, Mueller, Jovanovski, Burns, etc.  For the record, I'd keep taking risks on smallish players as there are some real gems out there and they're typically underrated (and can be acquired at a discount)... guys like Giroux, Skinner, Pavelski, Marchand, Ennis, Enstrom & E.Karlsson come to mind.  Would hate for you to miss out on guys like this due to stereotypes about their size.