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Fantasy Scouting Report & Breakout Bible - At Their Freshest

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Updated for October 4th.  Cam and I just updated the FSR and Superstats to reflect all the happenings at camp.  We tweaked the line combos, stats and rankings.

Ray Emery?  Fixed.  Mika Zibanejad?  Got 'im.  Sean Avery?  Dropped... a lot.  And much, much more.  Use your download link to grab the most up-to-date version if you're drafting this week.

If you don't already have the 3rd annual 2011/12 Fantasy Scouting Report & 4th annual Breakout Bible 2011 what are you waiting for?  We also have our brand new SuperStats projected stats file... which has pretty much every statistic you could ever need on draft day.  All are on the shelves and ready to be downloaded.  If you need some convincing they are worth the money go to the special FSR page, the Breakout Bible page or SuperStats page for all the details you need.

Any questions or feedback?  Feel free to email us or hit us up with a comment below.



Individually the FSR (with SuperStats) is $8.00 and the Bible is $6
If you want both, you can have FSR and Bible (plus SuperStats) for $12 as part of Combo #1
And if you want to add our Fantasy Prospects DB as well then we'll give you all four for only $16
But if you're not in the combo mood then you can simply get our 2011/12 Super Stats projected stats spreadsheet for only $5



Thanks for your support and good luck!