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Friday's Daily Dosage - Byfuglien, H.Sedin, Kugryshev...

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Big ol' Jet Airliner is the best potential nickname that came out of yesterday
Big ol' Jet Airliner is the best potential nickname that came out of yesterday

Dustin Byfuglien was arrested on Wednesday night for suspicion of drunk boating.  It could take some time and money for him to make that go away and he may need to take water taxis for a while but he'll sort it out.  The most disturbing part to everyone was the report that he currently weights 286 lbs.  Sounds massive but dude probably played at something around 260 last year and assuming he lays off the cocktails between now & training camp, I'm sure he'll be fine and wouldn't worry that it's going to affect his performance.

Henrik Sedin hurt his hip while training in Sweden but Dr. Daniel Sedin doesn't think it's serious.  He did take some time off of training but we'll probably not know much about this until he shows up in Vancouver to prepare for the season... hopefully it's nothing.

The Hawks have signed former Kings/Stars grinder Brandon Segal to a one-year deal.  I'm going to assume it's a two-way deal without having confirmation of that.  He's not much of a fantasy threat but it's August early September and this is all the news we got.

Capitals prospect Dmitri Kugryshev has reportedly signed a deal to play in the KHL this year.  He was a 2nd round pick in 2008 and a big scorer in the Q but I think the Hershey Bears will be able to replace the 14 points he contributed last season.  I'm not too saddened by this loss.

We're opening up another FHS league, so check this out and send Jay an email if you're a serious GM and willing to get curb-stomped by yours truly.  One thing that we're currently debating is whether to have daily or weekly lineup changes.  I'm in the weekly camp as daily is too much for me to look after when I'm managing multiple teams but I understand that people like to be on top of their team 24/7 and it does help offset losing a guy for a week due to injuries.  The compromise is daily changes with a positional games limit, that way the daily guys can do their thing and the weekly guys can let it ride.  What say you?  I'm interested to hear what the masses think, so drop a comment and tell me how you roll.