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Blogger's Breakouts 2011 - Philadelphia Flyers

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Today we're lucky enough to have Travis Hughes from Broad St. Hockey in to help us out.  We wanted to take a closer fantasy look at the Flyers and Travis knows his Flyers like nobody's business.

We asked Travis seven fantasy related questions about the Flyers.  Check below for his answers.  Make sure you give the guys at Broad St. a look as well.

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Q1) Flyers' Breakout of the Year?
Last year, I said James van Riemsdyk. He didn't really fulfill that -- well, not until the postseason -- but that's okay. I'm going with him again for a lot of different reasons. First off, he has a new contract and definitely feels like he has to perform to earn that money. And the reason he got that contract is because of how confident the team is in him. He'll have a much larger role this season and, if there's any player on the roster that's going to be considered a breakout candidate, it has to be him. Or maybe Claude Giroux, but is improving on a 76 point season really a breakout?

Q2) Darkhorse Breakout on the Flyers?
Oh, who knows? It's hard to say ... how many guys on the Flyers are really considered darkhorses? Jaromir Jagr? Hardly. Of the guys who aren't that established as NHL scorers, I'd have to go with Jakub Voracek. I'm not totally confident in him as a breakout pick, but he has the potential. More so than anybody else on the team, at least.

Q3) League-Wide Breakout of the Year?
Tyler Seguin seems to make a lot of sense to me. Sophomore season, he'll get more of an opportunity, etc.

Q4) Player likely to Breakdown on the Flyers?
Chris Pronger
. Chris Pronger. Chris Pronger. And Chris Pronger.

Q5) Best Fantasy Prospect on the Flyers?
Let's just go with Brayden Schenn. I worry about the role he'll be used in this year, which could hinder his production, but he's definitely and without question the best fantasy prospect on the team. Not that we have a ton of young guys hanging around anyway...

Q6) How do you see the Flyers goalie situation playing out this year?
Oh jeez. Uhhhh, Ilya Bryzgalov will start about 65-70 games and Sergei Bobrovsky will be thrown essentially to the curb. So you know, don't take Bobrovsky in your draft.

Q7) Let's talk Jagr. He's looking a bit fat and he's always been a bit of a mystery... what can we expect?
He's looked good in camp and has shown glimpses of being the Jaromir Jagr we all know and sort of love, so I think he's going to have a big season. Of course, the question really is "how do you define a big season?" and I'd answer that by saying I expect a 60 point season. That would make me happy as a Flyers fan, and I think he'll do it if he stays healthy. After all, he's still Jaromir Jagr.