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Saturday's Daily Dosage - Kiprusoff, Hagman, a Sleeper List...

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The Flames held a little town-hall the other day and GM Jay Feaster dropped this bomb regarding Miikka Kiprusoff's workload (via Calgary Sun):

The workload’s too great, in order for us to reduce Kipper’s workload, we have to have a backup goaltender the coach has confidence in there. We have to have a backup goaltender the players believe in the same way.

I can tell you Sutter has all the confidence in the world in Henrik Karlsson.

I promise you that we’re going to reduce Kipper’s workload this year. 

Heard this all before and Kipper's gone on to play 70+ games in six straight seasons.  But maybe Feaster has the stones to stand up to Brent Sutter and force him to play his backup goalie (or else).  It certainly can't hurt, as while Kipper is probably the most durable & reliable goalie in the league, he's also lost some of his lustre with a sv% at .906 or below in three of his last four seasons.

Still with "Uncle" Feaster, he was asked to pick a player on his team that he thinks could have a breakout season (via Calgary Herald):

Niklas Hagman. He sat in the exit meeting and he, too, was very, very upset about the way his season went. He told me, ‘If I don’t have a bounce-back season, I may not get another NHL contract.’ He has worked out incredibly hard this summer.

We already know every NHLer is working out incredibly hard this summer (Byfuglien excepted) so that comment doesn't really phase me but Feaster might be on to something here.  Hagman isn't ancient (31) and had 25, 22 & 27 goals in the three seasons prior to last year's 11.  He also averaged 187 shots over those three years but dropped to just 140 last year.  His biggest problem is that he'll likely start the year on the 3rd line and won't see any time on the top line unless there are injuries.   

Last quote from Feaster, regarding Tim Erixon and his reasoning for asking for a trade, which he said was because he didn't think the Flames played young players:

I know the head coach of the New York Rangers (John Tortorella) and I know what he’s going to have to go through to make that team.

Well actually, looking at the Rangers depth chart, Erixon could be on the 2nd pairing to start the year and Torts has no problem playing young dman (look at Sauer & McDonagh last year)... whereas Brent Sutter, no so much.

Scott Burnside from with a list of 10 under-the-radar players who could make an impact.  It's an interesting list as there are a few guys on there that I agree with (Jakub Voracek, James Neal & Mathieu Garon) and a few that I want nothing to do with (Jean-Sebastien Giguere, Anthony Stewart & Andrew Cogliano).  I am a little surprised that anyone is expecting much out of a few of these guys.