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Fantasy Top Ten - League Wide Breakouts

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#7 in your programs... #3 on our list.
#7 in your programs... #3 on our list.

We know you fantasy owners love a good list so we put together a whole whack of them in both our Fantasy Scouting Report and our Breakout Bible.

We've decided to reproduce a few of them on the site to drum up a bit more business and more importantly to generate a bit of discussion.

So this is only going to work if we get a ton of comments.  So the 90% of you that are reading this but never comment... let's here what you have to say.  Love the list?  Hate it?  Somebody we forgot?  Let us know.

We'll start out with probably the most important list we develop...
The Top 10 Breakouts from the Breakout Bible
(to see the Top 40 and much more, pick up a copy of the Bible here)

Follow the jump for the whole list...

We're all about the breakouts here at FHS.  To us, a player officially breaks out when he tops 50 points for the first time (or 30 for a dman and 20 wins for a goalie).  Here are the Top 10 players we think have the best chance of hitting the magic fifty number this season.

1)        Evander Kane, LW, WPG : 70 pts
Picked up 43 last year in 2nd NHL season so it's not a question of if he'll pass 50, it's by how much.  He also brings the PIM's and shots.

2)        Taylor Hall, LW, EDM :  65-70 pts
He played at a 53 point pace last year so if it wasn't for his ankle injury he wouldn't even be on this list.  Expect improvements on last year with a chance at 70 points.

3)        Dmitry Kulikov, D, FLA : 40-45 pts
The additions of Campbell and Jovanovski make things a bit complicated but we're hopeful the Panthers give Kulikov enough PP time to breakout.

4)        Semyon Varlamov, G, COL : 30-34 wins
Varly is a talented goalie and even though the Avs aren't as strong defensively as the Capitals the only thing that will keep him from 30 wins is injuries.

5)        Tyler Ennis, LW, BUF : 60-65 pts
The Sabres loaded up but Ennis should still hang onto his scoring line role.  His 49 points as a rookie last year make him one of the easiest breakout picks to make.

6)        Jordan Eberle, RW, EDM : 60-65 pts
Like Hall, injuries kept Eberle from a potential 50 point season so this year. if he can stay healthy, he'll make the breakout official.  Lots of upside.

7)        Cody Franson, D, TOR : 40 pts
Great pick up by the Leafs and the move helps Franson's fantasy value as he's no longer stuck behind Weber and Suter.  He'll still need to steal some PP time from Phaneuf and Liles but with 29 pts last year we think he's up for the challenge.

8)        James van Riemsdyk, LW, PHI : 60 pts
Had a good 2nd NHL season (40 pts) but really stepped up in the playoffs (seven goals in 11 games).  With Richards and Carter gone JVR has a definite spot on a scoring line and should see his TOI and PPTOI increase dramatically.

9)        Blake Wheeler, RW, WPG : 55-60 pts
Project his Atlanta numbers over a full season and you get 61 pts, 278 shots and 50 PIM's. 

10)    T.J. Oshie, RW, STL : 55-60 pts
We're huge TJ fans and if he's staying healthy he's breaking out... as simple as that.  One day he'll be a 70 point player.