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Monday's Daily Dosage - Holiday Edition

Happy Labour/Labor Day to all of our readers out there, hope you're enjoying the day off... fantasy hockey news has taken the day off as well so you can let your mind rest

All we have for you today is a link to something we wrote... Peter from Silver Seven (SB Nation's Sens blog) asked us to come up with a Ottawa Senators Fantasy Preview for 2011/12 and in a shocking turn of events, they actually posted it over there!  Go take a look, we essentially just took a few projections/blurbs from our FSR, SuperStats & Bible to give the Sens fans a little taste of what we're forecasting.   We were pretty optimistic with the Sens this year (and you know I'm typically more of a realist) so there will surely be some non-believers... looks like we have one already, ok duty calls.