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Wednesday's Daily Dosage - Crosby, Cumiskey, Yashin...

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Sidney Crosby will hold a presser today to discuss his concussion problems and his possible return???  Let's wait to see what he has to say (likely nothing earth-shattering) before we speculate and get ourselves all worked up.

Avs dman Kyle Cumiskey remains an unsigned RFA but his agent says that he has fully recovered from the two concussions that he suffered last season.  I like this kid as he's an incredible skater and has shown some nice upside but there are tons of red flags here and he's probably more of an early waiver wire add, after watching him play a few games, as opposed to being worthy of a draft pick.

Alexei Yashin has been working out and skating at the Islanders practice facility.  He doesn't have a deal yet but it certainly seems like both sides are feeling each other out and there hasn't been any rumours of him signing on with anybody else.

Tomas Vokoun is getting saucy:

"My belief is this team (the Caps) has a better chance to win than Detroit does... And they showed a lot more interest, so that was the key for me, too."

When he says, "a lot more interest" I think he may have meant, "Detroit had no interest".

Brian Burke doesn't really offer much of substance here but did say that the Leafs have left one roster spot open for a forward and mentioned Matt Frattin, Nazem Kadri and Joe Colborne as players that could grab it.  Ron Wilson also mentions that he plans to use Tim Connolly at the point on the PP.  [via Mirtle]

Interesting... Kyle Turris is apparently asking for something around $3M to $4M per year on a multi-year deal... so that should explain why he hasn't been signed.  If he keeps up those demands, I think he'll be waiting a long time. [Puck Daddy]