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Thursday's Daily Dosage - Yaroslavl, Crosby, Stillman...

Sobchenko during this year's WJC final vs Canada
Sobchenko during this year's WJC final vs Canada

Terrible news out of Russia yesterday as essentially the entire Lokomotiv Yaroslavl hockey club was killed in a plane crash.  I really feel for the family and friends of the people who we've lost and also for the organization and fans of the team as it's hard to fathom your entire team being gone in an instant.  There were some recognizable names among those that died with Brad McCrimmon, Pavol Demitra, Igor Korolev & Ruslan Salei probably known to most.  Also Devils prospect Alexander Vasyunov, who was only 23, and two guys that I watched play quite a bit last year as they were both on the Russia 2011 WJC gold medal team, Daniil SobchenkoYuri Urychev... both were just 20 years old.  Awful stuff. 

Sidney Crosby held his presser yesterday and while we learned a lot about concussions from the Doctors, we didn't really get much new info on Sid's return, other than they expect him to play sometime this season.  I'm probably more pessimistic than most but if the concussions are still giving him headaches eight months after they happened then that's serious to me and who knows when he's going to feel better... so I'm not expecting more than half a season out of him. 

Good stuff from Dobber here (see that wasn't so hard Cam) as he gives a good rundown of what was said at the Crosby press conference and gets into what the best and worst case scenarios could be for the Penguins, including projections.  Dobber said that in his experts league, Crosby fell to 11th overall.  I can see that, was debating this with a friend the other day and we were saying that maybe after the top 5 you start to consider him but not before that.  Since I'm more pessimistic and risk averse then I'm probably not using a 1st rounder on him but at the same time, I like to build my teams with the fantasy playoffs in mind and having Sidney for end of the year would be pretty sweet.

Cory Stillman will announce his retirement today after 15 NHL seasons... he'll join the Panthers front office.  He was typically a pretty reliable 50-60 point guy but injuries really slowed him down the past five years.