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Friday's Daily Dosage - Wellwood, Cheverie, Auction Tips...

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Wellwood tried to make his way to Winnipeg via Phoenix by trying out with them last year
Wellwood tried to make his way to Winnipeg via Phoenix by trying out with them last year

Reports say that the Jets have signed Kyle Wellwood to a one-year deal (assuming one-way).  He's been more of a sparsely used bottom six forward the past three seasons with Vancouver & San Jose but has some talent if Winnipeg was to give him some ice-time on a scoring line or the PP.  So worth keeping an eye on but I don't think he's draftable in anything but the deepest of leagues.  [Jonathan Willis with a good rundown of Wellwood's game]

Florida traded goalie prospect Marc Cheverie to the Coyotes for something named Justin Bernhardt.  Cheverie was a good looking prospect when he left college (Denver) after his Junior season with a .926 career sv% but he struggled in both the AHL & ECHL last year so he obviously needs time before he's ready to even think about making the jump.  Initially I was thinking this would be a good move for him as he gets out from the shadow of Markstrom in Florida and could move up the depth chart a little but in Phoenix he's behind Mark Visentin for the long-term and they're set in the AHL with McElhinney & Pogge.  Cheverie is currently ranked #307 in our Fantasy Prospect Rankings.

In an obvious move to cover themselves in case Crosby can't go, Pittsburgh signed Richard Park to a two-way deal.  He played in the Swiss league last year but was a 30 point plugger for the Islanders in the four seasons prior to that.

Jarko Ruutu has signed to play in Finland this year... I'll miss him (not really).

The Colonel from On Goal Analysis with some tips on how to rule your Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey Auction... right from how to find a league to how to confuse the other GMs by upping the auction budget to how to change your mind after it's over.  Now I'm not going to give away all my auction strategies as I've got a few auctions coming up (including the FHS Beta League) but, as the Colonel says, not blowing your wad early is a good rule to follow.