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Tuesday's Injury Updates - Sharp, Eberle, Ribeiro...

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Bad news for a lot of us as Patrick Sharp is out for 3-4 weeks with a hand/wrist injury.

We're waiting for word on Jordan Eberle's MRI on his injured knee... I have a bad feeling he could be out a while.

Mike Ribeiro is getting his knee checked out and won't play tonight. Hopefully that's all he'll miss.

Al Montoya (concussion) practiced yesterday for the first time in three weeks, so he's making progress.

Florida was hoping that Jacob Markstrom's knee injury was just a tweak but it's sounding like it could be serious... we should know more today.

Mark Giordano (leg) may attempt a comeback later this week... that's a pleasant surprise as when he was injured it looked like he might be out the rest of the season.

The Avs should get Ryan Wilson back tonight after he's missed the last 15 games due to a concussion.

Dustin Penner (back) returned last night after a one game absence due to a unfortunate pancake-eating incident.