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Trade Analysis: Mike Cammalleri - Rene Bourque Deal

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Mike Cammalleri looking west right before he was traded that way.
Mike Cammalleri looking west right before he was traded that way.

"We prepare for our games like losers. We play like losers. So it's no wonder why we lose." This Mike Cammalleri quote was the obvious reason for the quick deal. The way this deal came about was odd to say the least. He was pulled out of Thursday night's Canadiens game with the Bruins at TD Garden. He was told that he was traded, but not told where. If you were keeping track of Twitter at this point, you probably saw the rumors/guesses about all the teams it could possibly be. I saw the Kings, the Blue Jackets, the Sabres, the Flames, and a host of other teams. It turns out he was traded to Calgary for the following deal:

To the Flames: Mike Cammalleri, Karri Ramo, 5th Round Pick in 2012

To the Canadiens: Rene Bourque, Patrick Holland, 2nd round Pick in 2013

Lets take a look at this deal for fantasy purposes in more detail after the jump.

These are Cammalleri's stats for the current season: 38 GP, 9 G, 13 A, minus-6, 10 PIM, 1 PPG, 5 PPA, 111 SOG

These are Rene Bourque's stats for the current season: 38 GP, 13 G. 3 A, minus-3, 41 PIM, 3 PPG, 2 PPA, 91 SOG

Mike Cammalleri has been somewhat disappointing since his career year in 2008-2009 when he had 39+43=82, 34 PPP, and 255 SOG in Calgary for the one season he played there. Some might remember the great 09-10 playoff run he had with the Habs putting up 13+6=19 in 19 games. I know coming off of that playoff, I took him a bit early in a draft last season expecting more of the same, but I was mistaken. He had been playing on the third line with Tomas Plekanec and Brian Gionta this season while also seeing PP2 time. His TOI average was 17:49 and his PP TOI average was 3:06. He was getting the time. He may have grown tired of Montreal and made those comments looking for a change of scenery. He got exactly that.

I like this trade for Cammalleri for a couple of different reasons. Here are some:

- The first and foremost is, when you're unhappy in any line of work, you don't perform up to your potential. This is no different for professional hockey players. I think the change of scenery will do him good. The fact that he was sent to a city that he's already played for in the past only makes it better for him. He doesn't need to familiarize himself with a new city. Some of the same players that he played with are still there as well.

- I also like the potential that he gets put on the first PP unit to play with Jarome Iginla. I know these two supposedly didn't like each other but that was 3 years ago and I hope they would be able to move on from that. Calgary is 18th in the NHL on the PP and Montreal is 29th.

- I don't think Cammalleri was any type of leader in Montreal, but when you look at their lineup in terms of goal scorers, his name is right there at the top. He may have been feeling the pressure to score. In Calgary, the man with the weight on his shoulders to score goals in Iginla. He shouldn't have the same pressure.

- He's a talented player. He's shown it in the past. He's only 29 years old and he's got a lot to give. He just needs to put forth the effort. I think under the right circumstances, he will do just that.

For Rene Bourque, I'm not crazy about the deal. As I laid out above, the PP in Montreal has been atrocious and I don't think he's the answer. Prior to his suspension, Bourque was seeing time on the 2nd line with Blake Comeau and Lee Stempniak as well as PP2 time. His TOI numbers (17:10 and 3:01 on the PP) are similar to Cammie's so I doubt he sees much of a jump at all. His goal numbers are exactly on pace with what he's scored the last two season (27 goals) but his assists are ridiculously low. If the puck bounces differently for his linemates, he should be able to put up a few more assists than he did in Calgary but not by much.

Bourque is also going to a hockey crazed city. He, unlike Cammalleri, will have to familiarize himself with a new city and all new teammates. There's also a different language in Montreal. I don't like these changes for the Alberta native.

Patrick Holland was a 7th round pick of the Flames in 2010. He's in his third consecutive WHL season and putting up good numbers (17+40=57 in 40 games), but from what I understand, he's far from the show and certainly not a can't miss prospect.

Karri Ramo, 25 years old, is a former Tampa Bay Lightning prospect currently playing in the KHL. He had a great year last season (33-6-4) with a .925 sv% and 1.97 gaa. He's not winning games for Omsk this season like he was last season (13-15-7) but his peripherals are even better (.927 sv% and 1.97 gaa). Maybe Ramo is Miikka Kiprusoff's heir in a few years. It's definitely an easier path to the NHL than it was behind the much younger Carey Price in Montreal.

At the NHL level, it's difficult to see the fantasy impact of other players on each team when the swap is two LW's who see the same amount of TOI at even strength and the PP. These are my guesses, though, for winners and losers:

Winners: Mike Cammalleri, the Calgary Flames PP, Kari Ramo, Brendan Morrison

Losers: Rene Bourque, the Montreal Canadiens PP, Tomas Plakanec

Neutral: Patrick Holland

Use the comment section to tell me what your opinions are.