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NHL Lockout 2012: Feel My Pain and Let 'em Feel Yours

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Fuel your Cyber Monday engine with some piss and vinegar about the lockout

Bruce Bennett

Apparently it's Cyber Monday today, here I thought it was just the "Airing of Grievances" for all the SBNation hockey blogs... so it's pretty much Double Christmas Morning for all of you out there! Now instead of simply being pissed off about the lockout, you can read about how all us bloggers are pissed off as well and it may piss you off even more.

Personally, I'm less aggravated about the lockout this time despite the irreparable harm that it's done to FHS & my vigor to blog. I've found other avenues to devote my time and energy to and the NHL will have to earn my attention whenever they decide to open their doors.

Another thing... I'm pretty tired of the media coverage of the lockout and following if/when the two sides are going to even discuss when this thing might end. I'm done with that, just let me know when you have a deal.

To be honest, I could take it or leave it right now, if they come to an agreement, then great, would love to have some more hockey on TV and be able to dominate some fantasy leagues but if they have to cancel the season, then so be it, I'll survive.

Not that anyone cares but I won't be giving the NHL any of my money for at least a full season once it returns. No tickets, no merch, no Center Ice, no nothing... and it won't even be that hard for me. NHL fans have been paying through the nose for tickets since around the time that Bettman came into power and we should probably all be pretty fed up by now.

Now a personal NHL boycott isn't going get the league's attention but what if all NHL fans boycotted those companies that sponsored the NHL???... don't you think the sponsors would notice if their business was impacted and let the NHL know that they aren't happy about it?

I'm not going to name any names but we all know who they are, so next time you're at the bar, picking up some snacks or buying a hockey stick, make the right choice and go with a local product or a company that supports minor/junior hockey as opposed to the big boys who line the NHL's deep pockets and maybe that will get the league's attention.

That is all... back to your Cyber Monday.