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Enter our 2013 WJHC Players Pool

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We'll all be watching, so let's get in on the action!

Richard Wolowicz

Things have been pretty deserted around these parts, I'll take credit for that with a primary assist to the NHL Lockout, but we're about to see some meaningful games that a large number of us will be following with great interest, so what better time for a game of semi-chance? Hence I've created a little contest and it shall be called, the FHS 2013 WJHC Players Pool.

Here are the details:

1) Download the entry form spreadsheet: 2013 WJHC Pool

2) Pick one player from each of the 14 boxes (there is even a chance to enter write-in picks if you're a real WJHC snob).

3) Submit the entry sheet to by the deadline of December 26th at 12:30am EST.

4) Scoring: Goal = 2 points & Assist = 1 point.

5) Keep checking FHS throughout the tourney for updated pool standings.

6) Entry is FREE & 1st prize is $100.

There you have it, so if you think you know the WJHCs then take me and other gurus on, but don't blame me when you get stomped.

Enjoy & Good Luck!