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FHS: Thursday Night Live!

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Hey FHSers!

Welcome to FHS: Thursday Night Live! Where heroes are born and winners are made...or at least where I drink a lot of Crown Royal and blog excessively while trying to avoid the dreaded remote control UBI.

If you're tuning in to TNL for the first time tonight, part of the action includes an over/under/pick 'em competition where we accept picks from readers and FHS writers based on Thursday night's lineup. Congrats again to Tzuu who took home the title last week, and he's back tonight to defend said title. You can catch up on last week's TNL here

i will continue to update the blog (refresh for updates) throughout the evening with fantasy highlights, random commentary and general bullshit from around the hockey world. Feel free to chime in with any comments, criticism, banter, wins or insults you'd like to share. Hopefully my unofficial co-hosts mjm44 and MasterOfPuppets will be stopping by to visit the open bar.

After the jump, we'll look at tonight's a link to the much dreaded and blindingly multicolored Google spreadsheet we call The Scoreboard!

Behold, the slate:

San Jose Sharks @ Toronto Maple Leafs
Anaheim Ducks @ Carolina Hurricanes
Minnesota Wild @ Florida Panthers
Vancouver Canucks @ Detroit Red Wings
St. Louis Blues @ Nashville Predators
Tampa Bay Lightning @ Winnipeg Jets
Dallas Stars @ Chicago Blackhawks
Phoenix Coyotes @ Calgary Flames
Philadelphia Flyers @ Edmonton Oilers

We asked you to:

1. Submit your pick for the winning team for each game.
2. Submit your pick for over or under for each game, based on an over/under of 5.5 goals,
3. Submit your pick for the game winning goal scorer in each game. Shootout winners count as a GWG.

The scoring system is easy: for every winning team you pick correctly, you get 1 point. For every over/under you get right, you get 1 point. For every GWG scorer picked correctly, you get 1 point. So a max of three points per game if you hit the almighty triumvirate of winner, over/under and GWG scorer.

And now, in an insult to scoreboards everywhere, allow me to present to you...


Richard Bachman in for the Stars tonight. Nice of Gulutzan to give Bachman the first of B2B starts. Andrew Raycroft's sudden demise was engineered partly by throwing him into the second of B2B games, where Dallas has been horrible this year (and last year). Lehtonen will be in tough tomorrow vs. the Wild

James Reimer starting for the Leafs. Niemi and the Sharks have been crappy on their current road trip, so this one should probably be an easy over.

Cam Ward is still out so Justin Peters gets the start vs. Jonas Hiller and the Ducks tonight. With Ward out, I had to choose between Peters or Garon as my second goalie in the FHS Beta H2H league this week. I picked Garon as I didn't know if/when Ward would return and thusly how many games Peters would even play. Garon beat the Ducks 3-2 on Tuesday while Peters shut out the Caps.five zip on Monday, so Peters has the edge so far. But no matter what, it's a sad state of affairs when I'm trying to decide between dressing Garon or Peters. Thank you, Cam and Jay, for giving me this public forum in which to embarrass myself.

Just received one of Justin Goldman's email updates indicating Craig Anderson has cut his hand in a "home accident". No word on the severity, or which part of his home had an accident.

Really stoked to see Travis Hamonic back tomorrow. His Hits and Blks single-handedly delivered me a couple of H2H wins earlier this year. He's averaged 1.12 PIM, 2.6 hits and 2.25 Blks per game this year, so I can overlook his horrible 1+11=12.

More on Anderson's injury from TSN: "Ottawa Senators goaltender Craig Anderson is out indefinitely after suffering a hand injury at his home on Wednesday night. Anderson was treated at hospital and is expected to make a full recovery." This does not sound good, for poolies and Ottawa's playoff chances alike.

22 entries in the O/U/Pick 'em competition today. I haven't had a chance to look through the entries for trends, but this is our biggest turnout yet. Excellent!

I'll be back in about half an hour for opening faceoffs in Toronto and Raleigh. And the madness will begin

Looks like the SBNation technical issues have been resolved - I haven't been able to log in or update for the last hour or so.

We have scoring in Raleigh: 1-1 on goals by fantasy powerhouses Samson and Sbisa.

Puck is about to drop in Florida and Detroit. I'll be watching the Wings game over all others.

It's early, but this excellent zinger from MoP in the comments: "I have a little time before I must be in Detroit for the Canucks. So interested in whether it's Optimus or Gluteus Reim in goal".

Not that you couldn't scroll down and read that. But still...

Two BIG stops from Howard. How great it is to watch two teams this good in combat.

Shots are 12-3 in favour of Vancouver. Now 12-4 as Helm fakes the pass and beats Luongo. Bieksa giveaway costs Vancouver dearly.

Danny Sedin with a rare minor penalty. I need all I can get from him after Michael Benedicks' unlikely 24 PIM outburst from PA Parenteau gave him a huge head start in PIMs this week in our H2H match-up.

Patrick Marleau with his 24th and the Sharks lead the Leafs 1-0. Marleau now has 5+3=8 in his last ten games. Thornton with his 41st apple, good for 6th overall in the league.

As per John Garrett, David Booth with the reacharound on Helm. Provocative.

Just stumbled on this bit of internet gold:

Comments on a Safeway feature product - 2 drinks
Replies with just "Yes" - 1 drink
Makes a correction or call - 1 drink. If his call is correct - 1 more drink
Mentions the Hartford Whalers - 1 drink
Says "It's one of those" - 1 drink
Says "In it goes" - 1 drink
Defends the goaltender - 1 drink
Calls out a goalie - 2 drinks
Finish your drink if Garrett makes fun of or compliments Murph
Finish your drink if Murph @ replies to you on Twitter

So good.

Marleau with number two and golden boy Logan Couture has the PPA. Sharks lead 2-0.

Jamie McBain with the PPG and tCanes lead 2-1. What's the deal with McBain? I don't know. I think I can get him cheap but I don't know.

Chris Stewart with only his 13th of the year. Tarasenko is coming, so maybe Stewart moves this week.

MoP wants to know: "Why are other teams so mean to Tomas Holmstrom".

Jeff Carter to LA for Jack Johnson and a 1st. For an immediate and informed analysis of the trade, scroll down to comments.

Danny Sedin has his 27th and it's 1-1 in Detroit. He is only one assist away from the Sedin Hat Trick.

Luongo did an artful job of not letting anyone see if the puck crossed the line. He was grinning like shit afterwards.

Corey Perry has his 30th of the year to tie it up 2-2 vs. the Hurricanes. That's eight goals in his last nine games and the way he's rolling, forty-something is a likely scenario.

Jake Gardiner, trimming San Jose's hedges with his fourth....ah fuck it.

We have our first final of the night. San Jose over Toronto 2-1. mjm44 and Dikoi both guessed Marleau for GWG - nice going, but by also taking the over, they missed the triple crown of winner, O/U and GWG. Last week we had only three triples in 140 picks.

Only KreiderDesigns, team barlie and MoP picked the under, but they all went with Toronto to win. So the only doubles awarded will go to mjm44 and Dikoi for picking Marleau's GWG and, obviously, SJS to win.

Evander Kane and The Buff with goals to put Winnipeg up 4-0. You're welcome, Benedicks.

ANH beats CAR in the skills comp and we have our second under of the night, 3-2. Koivu's shootout winner counts as a GWG for our purposes, but to no one's benefit. Even Nostradamus wouldn't have gone koivu.

Wings up 3-2 with three minutes left. This game's been more grudge match than end-to-end skillfest. Two great teams.

Howard with the HUGE stop on Booth. Very clutch.

I need to update The Scoreboard. I am dreading it.

Oh my. Daniel scores at 19:34 and we're headed to OT. GWG coming right up.

Luongo two HUGE stops on Cleary.

Ugh. Headed to the shootout, again. You know, like nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills... Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills. Forget flower bouquets and work on developing some captivating skills.

Alex Burrows with the big sanctioned breakaway winner and the Canucks beat the Wings 4-3. But wait - what's this? Our own Jay Mayer has the first triple of the night, picking Burrows, Vancouver and the over for only the fourth triple in HISTORY, ladies and gentlemen. Congratulations to Jay and his family on this huge moment.

Nashville. ANOTHER skills comp, Fine then. Third time in five games for STL/NAS this year.

Stamkos is due for a goal or two in a losing cause. His calling card this year.

Taylor Hall from Whitney and Eberle and the Oilers are up 1-0 on Philly. PPG. Hall has 45 shots in his last ten games.

Halak and the Blues take it 3-2. MasterOfPuppets has the only Oshie GWG pick, but he picked the over. Still, a nice robust double for Metallica's best song.

Eberle from the high slot and Bryz's universe is expanding exponentially. Two zip Oil.

Must update scoreboard. Back in a while.

Hartnell will get suspended for that knee on Paajarvi.

Ray Whitney with his 17th of the year and PHX is up 3-2 in CGY. Whitney has 1+1=2 tonight for 56 points on the season. Ageless.

"Stamkos is due for a goal or two in a losing cause. His calling card this year." Thank you very much. Tampa with three in the third as they take Winnipeg to the over.

Still updating scoreboard. There must be a better way.

And we have TWO triples in the TBL/WPG game - one for me, one for Calvin. Bro!

Um yeah congratulations me for another triple. Dallas/under/Ryder. I have rigged the draw and am under investigation.

PHX wins it in yet another goddamn skills thingy. Way to go three points. When is a tie not a tie? When there are some breakaways after the tie. Rail rail rail against that that that.

Jay Meyer and yours truly are tied at 13 points. There are four pretenders at ten points, but they won't catch us. Since Jay and I both picked Philly/Over, this one s going to end in a two way tie for first. Um.... congratulations to us?

Wow, Dubnyk with his first shutout of the season and third of his career, and the Oilers take it 2-0. If you didn't pick the under, don't feel bad - no one did!

Thanks again for stopping by tonight. Let's talk about corporate sponsorship and ice girls. We're ready for you to be ready for our readiness that you're ready. Ready? Ready. See you next week, hombres. xoxo