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Remaining Schedule Summary

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Six weeks to go in the NHL schedule so we're getting down to the business end of the fantasy season... time to pull out all the stops including some serious lineup management.

Here's a spreadsheet (Remaining Sked_1112) of the remaining games for all teams that may be useful for setting your lineup, discussing trades or deciding on waiver wire additions.

Not everyone is big on this but I like to know if I'm considering adding a Chicago player that he only has a two-game week during the final week of the season and I'd certainly rather have Boston players with 22 games remaining over Ottawa players with 18 and I think it's valuable to know that of their remaining 19 games, Vancouver has 14 at home while Montreal has just eight.

I'll update this weekly and include it with the Schedule Summary post each weekend.

Note: I'm using the Yahoo! default setting schedule, so this coming week (starting February 27th) is Week #20 and it will be a three week playoff schedule with a single-week final. Different leagues have different formats so sorry if this doesn't match everyone's needs but all the information is there if you want to modify.