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FHS: Thursday Night Live!

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Welcome to the Sidney Crosby edition of FHS: Thursday Night Live! Eight games on tap tonight but the entire hockey media universe will be focused on MSG and the return of El Sid. To add to the storyline, Kris Letang is back tonight too.

We have 21 entries in the over/under/pick 'em comp tonight, including last week's champs mjm44 and joshhh, plus past winners calvin, jaymeyer, and baxpens. After the jump, tonight's slate and what you've been waiting for all week: some heated Google Docs action, bitchez.

The games:

Colorado Avalanche @ New Jersey Devils
Philadelphia Flyers @ New York Islanders
Pittsburgh Penguins @ New York Rangers
St. Louis Blues @ Carolina Hurricanes
Toronto Maple Leafs @ Tampa Bay Lightning
Boston Bruins @ Florida Panthers
Phoenix Coyotes @ Calgary Flames
Nashville Predators @ San Jose Sharks

We asked you to:

1. Submit your pick for the winning team for each game (1 point for each correct pick)
2. Based on an over/under of 5.5 goals, submit your pick for over or under for each game. (1 point for each correct pick)
3. Submit your pick for the game winning goal scorer in each game. Shootout winners count as a GWG. (1 point for each correct pick)

How do we keep track? THE SCOREBOARD!!!

Only Edanger6, slicktee519 and MaggietheMonkey picked Colorado to beat Jersey. Michael Benedicks and Dikoi have the only over picks for STL@CAR. slicktee519 has the only under pick for TOR@TAM, while almost half (8/20) of us picked Mr. Crosby for the GWG. I mean what the hell, why not?

I did not make good on my promise to solicit picks from my two year-old daughter. But trust me, she would kick all your asses.

I'll be back around 4pm PST for puck drop in Jersey, Long Island, Raleigh and, of course, Madison Square Garden. No Lundqvist again tonight, so Biron could really be in for it here.

No Callahan again tonight. He's missed three in a row and six of nine. Over 82 games, Cally's 11-12 stats prorate to 33+28=62, 70 PIM, 246 SOG, 18 PPP and 292 hits. That is some nasty business.

Martin Biron. 12-4-2 / 2.23 / .910 this year. I noticed Justin Goldman tweeting that Lundqvist's absence from the last game was kind of sudden and mysterious. Then again, so is the flu.

And Stu Bickel has the Penguins up 1-0 as he pushes the puck into his own net. Cooke from Kennedy with Crosby creating all kinds of room.

Crosby takes a couple of bumps in front of the net, holds on to the the puck. Impressive? PIT PP, Crosby on the point, as was hyped wildly today

Nino Niederreiter: in recent history, has there been a more underwhelming rookie season from a top 5 draft pick? 46 GP, 1 goal, minus-20, 9:27 average TOI/G..

Philly has a quick 2-0 lead. Giroux with the second goal from Jagr and Hartnell. That's Hartnell's 61st point, a career best.

Hairstyle Hagelin has his 14th goal of the season and he was just all over the net on that play. 4+4=8 in his last ten. Plus-23 this year, in 52 games!

COL@NJD and STL@CAR are both scoreless after one. 13 total shots in Jersey, 25 in Raleigh.

JM Smiles scores 1:09 in and the leafs are up 1-0 on Tokarski and the Bolts. Grabovski and Kessel with assists.

Brian Campbell absolutely laid out Brad Marchand with a beauty hip check. Pest control.

James Neal with a massive shift. Strips McDonough, back door to Malkin and Geno has his 39th. 2-1 Pens.

Matt Cooke with his second of the game and the Rangers are wishing for Lundqvist. 3-1 Pens. Assists to Kennedy and Staal so I'm not sure with whom Crosby is lining up at this point.

Crosby now out with Dupuis and Sullivan.

As Jay and I are singing Hartnell's praises in the comments, he scores his THIRTY THIRD goal of the year. I pray for a long-term deal in Philly where he can play out his days with Giroux.

In his 43rd game, Mikael Samuelsson has his 10th goal. Congrats on the double digits buddy.

So....Bryzgalov...I'm not gonna say anything specific here, but is Brian Boucher starting to feel the heat a little? 3-0 Philly, 37 minutes in.

No blowouts yet tonight - are we headed for a gang of unders? Or is that a flock? A bouquet? A murder? A murder of unders. I'll go with that.

Gaborik with his 35th of the year and 12th in 27 games. Now 3-2 Penguins and this game is a pleasure to watch.

Announcers just mentioned that NYR have been first place in the conference for 79 days. What a job by Tortorella this year.

Jodan Staal to the dressing room. Took a stick to the face, bleeding badly.

Tim Thomas has allowed two goals on seven goddamn shots and he's sporting a goddamn save percentage of .714 tonight. Is he trying to punish metro Boston for voting Democrat? Is it possible that we're actually witnessing his very steep and final decline? I don't know what to think.

Thomas has allowed yet another goal, but his SV% has improved to .750! Good lord. Stephen Weiss with his 17th goal and 51st point of the year and he's 1+1=2 and plus-1 so far tonight after only two assists in his last seven.

The Leafs are up 3-0 on Gardiner's fourth of the year and his third point in ten games.

Crosby to Kunitz....goaaaaaaal! As much as we may get sick of the endless Crosby updates, it is great to have him back.

I love, but I had to wonder when they gave Biron a "start him!" for tonight's game.

Wow. Thomas is beaten for the fourth time on 17 shots. Just horrific. Does Turco come in?

Grabner (16) and Tavares (31) with a couple of quick ones and Boucher's five consecutive shutout record is safe.

Baxpens just pointed out that Letang is plus-5 tonight. One assist on the 5-2 goal too.

Skinner! Jeff Skinner has his 20th of the year and the Canes are up 2-0 on St. Louis with about a minute left.

And Cam Ward gets the shutout with another all-world performance, stopping 39 shots from the best team in the NHL. Elliott takes the loss for St. Louis, further solidifying Halak's #1 status.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have our first triples of the night, and there were four entries who picked Jersey/Under/Kovalchuk. Congrats to Michael Benedicks, mjm44, Mr. Moose and joshhh!

A couple more triples go to truculence and anyonebutvancouver for picking Philly/under/Hartnell. Congratulations on your collective genius.

Julien is letting Thomas feel the pain, knowing that bringing in Turco would only cause greater humiliation and embarrassment. .762 SV% for Thomas tonight. 5-2 Panthers.

Looks like James Reimer is headed for his fourth shutout of the year. Roloson has stopped 16 of 16 after replacing Tokarski, who stopped only seven of 10.

Phaneuf and Stamkos trading punches! Awesome.

Sven Baertschi has his third goal in three games. This is the start of something beautiful.

And Marty St. Louis one-times his 23rd to break Reimer's birthday shutout attempt. I think he'll take the W.

Soooo...anyone take Joey Crabb for the GWG?

How many of us guessed Toronto/over? Absolutely no one. And now, Google Docs PUNISHES us!

Congratulations to MaggietheMonkey and Edanger6 for their Florida/over/Weiss triples!

The scoreboard is up to date. Through six games, defending champ joshhh is in the lead again with ten points. Mr. Moose is right behind at nine points, and it's a four way tie for third at eight points. Still far too close to call with two games left to be decided.

Jerome Iginla has his 31st and he's on a six game goal streak with 7+4=11 in that span. Money. Calgary up 2-0 with four mins left in the second.

Wow, beautiful pass from Whitney to OEL for his third goal in three games. Phoenix back in it. That's OEL's 11th goal of the year, tied for fourth among D-men.

I'm going to put aside the PHX/CGY game to watch NAS/SJS in its entirety. This could be a great one.

Holy shit. I swear I just saw Martin Havlat out there. I need my eyes checked.

Does anyone else out there think of the KHL brass as a kind of hockey mafia that keeps roping players in to stay? "Just this one last job, kid, and you'll be set for life and free to go". Two months later..."Radulov? We need you again".

Malkin and Tavares owner mjm44 just texted me: "trade me Stammer and my life would be complete."
My response: "Stammer is a freak of nature. I'd need two midgets and a hermaphrodite back."
mjm44: "So Ennis Gerbe and Kessel?

Fair? Fair.

Oh crap, SO politically incorrect.

Err..Patric Hornqvist with his 22nd and the Preds are up 1-0. My hunch says let your opponents select Nashville in the playoff pool and go heavy Blues/Stars.

Kiprusoff with the 4-1 win (.964 SV%) and we have no less than seven triples with CGY/under/Iginla - but the most important triple belongs to joshhh, who moves to 13 points. We have four entries tied for second at 11 points.

If the game stays under and Couture gets the winning goal, Mr. Moose will tie joshhh. If the game stays under and Clowe gets the winning goal, Johnny Laan will tie joshhh. But either way, joshhh will win outright or tie for first, so congrats to him for coming out on top two weeks in a row!

Joe Thornton with the easy tap-in PPG from Marleau and Boyle and we're all even at 1-1. GWG up for grabs again. Thornton has 2+6=8 in five games.

And we're headed to OT in San Jose. Hopefully no skills comp tonight. We've avoided it so far.


So last week's winner joshhh had a comfortable two point lead heading into the NAS/SJS game, but a wild SJS/under/Clowe hail mary triple from Johnny Laan vaulted him into a first place tie at 14 points. Dramatic business there. Congrats to joshhh for his consecutive wins and to Johnny for the last minute heroics. We'll see you guys in Monday's Fantasy Stars of the Week post.

Thanks to you if you tuned in tonight, and also if you didn't. See you in seven days. Enjoy that life.