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Thursday's Injury Updates - D. Sedin, Franzen, Anderson...

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Shanahan says you can skate but you can't hide...
Shanahan says you can skate but you can't hide...

Daniel Sedin took a vicious Duncan Keith elbow to the head last night. Sedin played a couple more minutes but left the game with what appears to be a concussion. If you own Sedin and are in the middle of H2H playoffs...well let's just say I feel your pain.

Johan Franzen missed another game night and he could only skate for 15 minutes yesterday. Doesn't look good there and chances are the Wings will try and preserve him for the playoffs, so I wouldn't expect to see much of him until the postseason.

Craig Anderson had his first full practice yesterday, so he should be back in plenty of time to lead the Senators into the playoffs. Yes, the playoffs!

Back from the injured list last night: Artem Anisimov, Scottie Upshall, Joni Pitkanen, Jason Arnott, Tyler Myers.