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FHS: Thursday Night Live!

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Hey friends, welcome back to FHS: Thursday Night Live! This is the second-last TNL of the regular season - not sure what we'll have cooking for the playoffs, but I'm thinking a nightly open thread might be a cool idea. I know it's been suggested in the comments too (looking at you edanger6). If there's anything else you guys would like to see as a feature on the site, please let us know.

Is your pool coming down to the wire? I know Edanger6 and our own Michael Benedicks are both embroiled in FHS Beta H2H League semi-final matches. With any luck we'll see them meet in the final next week, and the resulting trash talk will be LEGENDARY.

After the jump, tonight's games and your picks.

Here's the slate:

Washington Capitals @ Boston Bruins
Philadelphia Flyers @ Toronto Maple Leafs
Tampa Bay Lightning @ New Jersey Devils
Pittsburgh Penguins @ New York Islanders
Florida Panthers @ Minnesota Wild
St. Louis Blues @ Chicago Blackhawks
San Jose Sharks @ Phoenix Coyotes

We asked you to:

1. Submit your pick for the winning team for each game (1 point for each correct pick)
2. Based on an over/under of 5.5 goals, submit your pick for over or under for each game. (1 point for each correct pick)
3. Submit your pick for the game winning goal scorer in each game. Shootout winners count as a GWG. (1 point for each correct pick)

And now, for your enjoyment and/or disdain and ridicule...THE SCOREBORD!!!

Sixteen entries in the comp so far. Congrats to Timbits56, Edanger6, and Zaxxon25 for having the balls of steel to pick Toronto over Philly. Baxpens has the only under for that game, so he could have a real advantage there. Six of us, including me, picked Hartnell for the GWG. Only Benedicks, Meyer, MoP and baxpens picked Phoenix to beat San Jose. There are a surprising twelve picks for Minny to win - only me, Timbits, Dio and Zaxxon25 took Florida.

Huge, huge playoff implications for the SJS@PHX game. I was going to try and list all the possible outcomes but my brain actually shuts down in self-defense when I look at the Pacific Division standings.

I'll be back in an hour or so for puck drop in Boston, Toronto, Jersey and Long Island. Looking forward to getting the show underway, hopefully.

Games are underway. As per Justin Goldman's email update: "Gustavsson injured during warmups, Rynnas is starting. 'And Jussi Rynnas gets ready for his NHL debut. Looks like knee for the Monster but unconfirmed."

I'm tuning in to the WAS@BOS game as Washington SHOULD be fighting for their playoff lives. If the Caps are the NHL's tin man, Toronto is its scarecrow.

Penguins vs. Montoya tonight. This could be total carnage.

Well it took Philly all of 5:34 to get one past Rynnas. But let's be fair - he did stop a shot too. .500 SV%. Jussi fruit. Schenn from Simmonds and Briere.

Fantasy giant Marty Reasoner has his first of the year from Streit and Bailey. That's Streit's 38th apple this year and his 9th point (1+8) in eight games..

2-0 Philly on Schenn's second of the night and the feasting continues. PPG from Briere and some old dude named Jagr.

Uh oh. Lucic just got dumped and HULK ANGRY.

Vokoun was looking very solid on the Bruins PP, but it appears he has tweaked something and Neuvirth is in.

The Caps had a grand total of two shots in the first period. Boston is rounding back into playoff form.

Ryan Malone has the Bolts up one zip. Stammer and Hedman with assists. Hedman has three assists in his last four games, but his fantasy owners have to be a little pissed that he didn't take the next step this year. He's missed some time but even over 82 games he's on only a 25 point pace. Tough to really be impatient with a 21 year old D-man though.

Oh crap. Sid Crosby just took a puck to the face and has left the game, for now at least. Goddamn.

Zubrus with Jersey's league-leading 15th shortie of the year. Stamkos the goat as he couldn't corral an MSL pass at the other end.

Marty St. Louis has his 25th of the year and fourth point of the H2H week (1+3). Where the hell was this in my H2H quarterfinals last week? I blame YOU, St. Louis. I blame you.

Apparently the hockey gods were listening. The St. Louis goal has been changed to Malone from Brewer. What the hell?

Simmonds with his 24th and he has two points, two shots and is plus-2 so far tonight. 3-1 Philly and Toronto remains terrible.

Malone's got the hat trick to put the Bolts up 3-2. and that's his 18th of the year. He scored at least 21 in six of his first seven seasons but may miss that mark for the second year running.

Goals are flying now. Kovy and Zidlicky score 1:11 apart. Jersey's back on top and ladies and gentlemen, we have our first over.

Shots are Boston 8 Washington 6 with three minutes left in the second. And I am changing the channel.

Okposo with his 19th (PPG) and Bailey with his 14th (SHG) and the Isles are up 3-1 on Pittsburgh. Fortunately Crosby has returned to the game.

Mark Strait had a Spezza-like assist on Reasoner's goal. The Penguins all stopped skating to watch the show.

TSN announcers on Toronto's PP: "If you can get a powerplay goal here, you've got a chance". Um, no. Sorry. You do NOT have a chance. Stop trying to make it better for your largely Ontarian audience.

St Louis and Chicago underway. Halak in as promised despite Elliot's three consecutive shutouts. I loved the Hitchcock quote I heard this week on Team 1040 here in Vancouver: "we don't score on the rush - we score on the grind".

Goals nine seconds apart and CHI/STL are tied at one. Bickell and Steen in his third game back after missing three months.

Bryce Salvador has his first goal and ninth point of the season, and he's only five points off his career best of 13. Go Bryce Salvador.

The wonderful David Clarkson has scored his 29th to chase Roloson after he allowed six goals on 34 shots. Clarkson also has an assist and is plus-3 with five shots so far tonight.

Caps have goals from Wideman and Johansson to go up 2-0. Ovechkin with assists on both goals.

It's Voracek's turn in Toronto. He's 1+1=2 in the third period and Philly is up 6-1 for our second over of the evening.

Okposo and Staal trade goals and it's 4-2 Isles for our third over tonight. Okposo is having a nice game with two goals, plus-1, two PIM and three shots.

Simmonds has his second of the night and it's 7-1 Philly. Ouch. Someone should tell Burke that goal differential doesn't affect draft position.

Malkin with his 47th but Bailey responds with the late empty-netter for his second of the night. 5-3 final but no one picked Okposo for the GWG so we'll have to wait for our first triple.

Philly/over/Schenn and Jersey/over/Ponikarovsky. No triple love there either. I say this every week and never do it, but I'm going left-field next week for GWGs.

Washington wins in the skillz comp and their dreams of flaming out in the first round are still alive. Laich with the shootout winner - still no triples tonight. Thank god, they were becoming almost pedestrian.


After four games, we have a three-way tie for first at six points. Edanger, MoP and mjm44 are tied at six points. Familiar faces, but as I've said before, a contest this cockamamie can't be rigged.

Fleischmann has his 25th of the year and he's had a really nice comeback season with 25+33=58, 205 SOG and 21 PPP in 77 games. Even more important is the fact he's actually played 77 games. He's only 27 years old and if Talon builds a winner, I think at least one 75 point season from Fleischmann is not out of the question.

Congrats to FHS' own Michael Benedicks for the first and only triple of the night as he picked Minny/under/Koivu. The triple was MINE (FLA/under/Fleischmann) until Minny tied it up in the last minute. I called my parents and everything. What do I tell them now? Damn you Benedicks. Damn youuuu!

No score In SJ after one. STL/CHI tied 3-3 and headed to OT. I like hockey.

No one picked Bolland for the GWG, and congrats to Edanger for the only double there as no one else picked CHI/over.

Nine skunks in the STL/CHI game. Youch.

Ray Whitney is an idiot savant. Beautiful saucer pass to Vrbata for his 32nd of the year and a 2-0 Phoenix lead with 12 minutes remaining. Will SJ actually miss the playoffs? Madness.

Vrbata with the GWG buffer! That has to be a first.- by jsuites on Mar 29, 2012 9:20 PM PDT up reply actions

Just TRY to take the GWG from him. Just try! He'll just fucking score another one. Radim Vrbata says fuck you FHS. - by jsuites on Mar 29, 2012 9:21 PM PDT up reply actions

If I'm not mistaken, which I probably am, we have a three-way tie for first at 11 points. Congrats to Edanger6, MasterOfPuppets and our very own Michael Benedicks! Mike should really get the tiebreaker here as he had the only triple, but a lot of things should be the way they're not, so whatever.

Good night, and good grace. The numbers all