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Yahoo! Default Trade Deadline Chat

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When in doubt, think... WWCFD?
When in doubt, think... WWCFD?

For some reason Yahoo! sets the default trade deadline in fantasy hockey leagues as March 8th (that's today, FYI), a little close to the playoffs if you ask me but I suppose that's why I'm not as rich as Yahoo! yet.

The trade deadline has probably already passed for a number of you but for those where today is the day, thought I'd offer up a forum to ask your last minute questions as you get your Cliff Fletcher-on and complete your deals before midnight (PST). I'll do my best to get back to you immediately so you can get on with your fleece-job of the other GMs in your league.

Let's do this... leave your questions in the comments.

Figured now was a good time to reflect on how some of my early season trades worked out...

Oct 28th, Single-Year Roto League: My Jaromir Jagr & Evgeni Nabokov for his Joe Pavelski

This is a 21-team league with a bunch of SB Nation bloggers with some interesting rules as TOI accounts for 33% of the categories. I already had Jimmy Howard in net and carrying another goalie was pretty useless, so Nabokov was just a throw in. Since the trade Jagr has 35 points, 100 shots & 16 mpg whereas Pavelski has 40 points, 180 shots & 20 mpg in TOI. Perhaps I should have valued Nabokov a little more but getting Pavelski was a steal... we're in 1st place and should cruise to victory.

Nov 24th, H2H Dynasty League: My Erik Karlsson & Max Pacioretty for his Kari Lehtonen.

You've likely already decided that I lost this trade and you're probably right but I'm trying to win the war, not the battle. The only reason I haven't won this league the past two years (4th & 2nd) is due to my weak goaltending. I dominate offensively with the likes of Malkin, Kovalchuk, St.Louis, Perry, D.Sedin, Selanne, etc. but this is a stupid league where half(!) the categories are goalie stats (stupid, I know). So I refused to trade any of my big guns and dmen are fairly easy to come by so I figured I could replace Karlsson... I think I may have underestimated him as he has been 6th in scoring amongst all players (49 pts in 46 games) since the trade, I haven't been able to replace that. I regret the trade but am still hopeful that Lehtonen (and a deadline deal for Jose Theodore) will lead me to victory in the playoffs.

Jan 8th, H2H Keeper League: My Tim Thomas for his Ryan Johansen & Dwayne Roloson.

This is an experts league with a bunch of RotoWire writers where Jay & I co-GM a team. It was a disaster of a season as literally every one of our top players was either hurt or sucked out of the gate (Iginla, Nash, Zetterberg, Havlat, Duchene, Visnovsky, Wisniewski, Burns, etc.) so by January we were in firesale mode and decided to move Thomas, goalies aren't hard to acquire in this league, for a young stud like Johansen. This was a move for the future, Thomas will be 38 in April while we can keep Johansen at a cheap salary for the next five seasons, so we like the upside.

Jan 26th, H2H Keeper League: My Jarome Iginla & 4th rounder for his P.K. Subban & 1st rounder.

Another firesale move in our RW experts league. Iginla was a disappointment and we weren't going to keep him at a salary of $33 next year so we moved him for an underrated Subban, who we can keep at $3, $8, $8 for the next three years, and a 1st rounder which will likely turn into a prospect picked in the top 10 of the 2012 draft. We think we're buying PK at a low point and when your low point is a 30 point, 100 PIM & 200 shot season, then I'm feeling good about the future.