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Tuesday's Daily Dosage - Iginla, Nash, Briere, Neal...

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Iggy will surely miss playing with Stajanface if he moves on in the offseason
Iggy will surely miss playing with Stajanface if he moves on in the offseason

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Lots of eyebrows raised in Calgary as for the first time Jarome Iginla has left the door open to a trade saying that he is probably not interested in being part of a rebuilding team. Iggy is in great shape and while not an elite talent anymore, he brings consistent production. Whether he stays or goes, I'd just like to see him line up with a solid playmaking center for once, just to see what he can do.

Expect a lot of offseason chatter about Rick Nash as well, the CBJs are expected to let him cool off for a bit and then regroup to see if he has changed his mind or if he still wants to be traded. Not sure what they could do to change his mind so expect him to be dealt close to the draft.

Dr. Henrik Sedin, concussion specialist, proclaimed that brother Daniel was 100% after missing the last nine games due to a concussion and while nobody will confirm or deny, he should be ready on Wednesday.

Lots of covert ops going on but Claude Giroux (illness) & Danny Briere (back) should both be fully operational for game #1 on Wednesday and the Pens will counter by activating James Neal (LBI) & Steve Sullivan (LBI) after short absences.

Teemu Selanne is saying a little of everything so hard to get a gauge on whether he'll return next season or not. His teammates and coaches seem to think he'll be back but maybe they're just trying to sway his decision. From past experience we know that Teemu will take his sweet time and probably won't decide until late summer but it's in your best interest to hold on to him in deeper leagues cause guys with 65+ point potential don't grow on trees.

Don't worry about Dave Bolland, he missed the last two games of the regular season with a UBI but to steal one from Pierre McGuire, "This guy just gets it, Doc & Edzo" so he'll be ready to go for game #1. Bolland has a knack for raising his game in the postseason as he has 14+20=34 in 43 career NHL playoffs games, .79 ppg versus .52 career in the regular season.

Jonathan Toews (concussion) has been back at practice lining up with Kane & Hossa so he looks ready to go for game #1 on Thursday.

Not relevant to the playoffs but Niklas Backstrom is due for ankle surgery as it's been nagging him since December and that's what limited him to just 46 games this season. If he comes back at full health next year and the Wild can find some goals in the offseason then I like him as a sleeper next year.

I'll have a post coming shortly on some of the interesting playoff crease conflicts.