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FHS Awards Show - Biggest Breakdown (Goalies)

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Mason did his best to win this award but it wasn't enough.
Mason did his best to win this award but it wasn't enough.

Welcome to the third annual FHS Awards Show where we deliver the hardware to those deserving players who helped you to fantasy glory. We polled the FHS writers to get a consensus opinion but we've also included a poll to give you a chance to tell us we're idiots.

Yesterday we gave out the award for the biggest outta nowhere breakout.

Today it's all about the tenders. More specifically the tenders that broke your fantasy hearts. It's the award for the biggest breakdown by a goalie.

And the nominees are....

Niklas Backstrom G Wild
Projected: 31 wins, 2.66 gaa & a 0.917 sv%.
Actual: 19 wins, 2.43 gaa & a 0.919 sv%.

His peripherals were actually better than we predicted, but he only managed to start 45 games due to injury and the wins just weren't there. This is the third straight season of a decline in wins. He's a UFA after next season so you can bet he'll be trade bait.

Steve Mason G Blue Jackets
Projected: 23 wins, 2.81 gaa & a 0.906 sv%.
Actual: 16 wins, 3.39 gaa & a 0.894 sv%.

You couldn't have expected a lot out of this guy with what he's given us since his rookie season. Still, a lot of us bought into the great preseason and actually drafted him. What's that saying about fool me twice?

Carey Price G Canadiens
Projected: 37 wins, 2.38 gaa & a 0.923 sv%.
Actual: 26 wins, 2.43 gaa & a 0.916 sv%.

The dropoff in wins (38) and shutouts (8) were pretty significant. His peripherals weren't far off (.923 and 2.35), but for where you probably drafted this guy, he may have done the most damage on the list.

James Reimer G Maple Leafs
Projected: 29 wins, 2.51 gaa & a 0.919 sv%.
Actual: 14 wins, 3.1 gaa & a0.9 sv%.

Optimus Reim played more like a Go-Bot this past season. Use whatever excuse you'd like for Reimer. The "concussion" caused by the knee of Brian Gionta, The Leafs terrible team/defense, the sophmore slump. It all adds up to just a horrific year from the promising young goalie.

Dwayne Roloson G Lightning
Projected: 31 wins, 2.53 gaa & a 0.913 sv%.
Actual: 13 wins, 3.66 gaa & a 0.886 sv%.

Forget the fact that he only won 13 out of 32 decisions. All you need to know is that his 3.66 gaa and .886 sv% were a league worst among goalies who played at least 10 games. Father time caught up to the 42 year old in a big way.

Tomas Vokoun G Capitals
Projected: 32 wins, 2.27 gaa & a 0.922 sv%.
Actual: 25 wins, 2.51 gaa & a 0.917 sv%.

It was supposed to be a steal when the Caps signed Vokoun for one year at 1.5M. He was egregiously ranked #17 overall by Yahoo! Instead, it was a frustrating season filled with injuries and stretches of awful play.

And the 'winner' is....

T1st -Dwayne Roloson & Carey Price (9 points)
3rd- Steve Mason (5 points)
4th - James Reimer (4 points)
5th - Tomas Vokoun (3 points)
6th - Niklas Backstrom (0 points)

(3 points for a 1st place vote, 2 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd)

Agree? Disagree? Have your say in the poll or comments.