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FHS Awards Show - Breakout in Assists

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Erik Karlsson made a lot of fantasy owners happy this season
Erik Karlsson made a lot of fantasy owners happy this season

Welcome to the third annual FHS Awards Show where we deliver the hardware to those deserving players who helped you to fantasy glory. We polled the FHS writers to get a consensus opinion but we've also included a poll to give you a chance to tell us we're idiots.

Yesterday we gave out the award for the best fantasy rookie.

Today we'll take a look at a few guys that took a big jump forward in the assists category. It's the award for the best breakout seasons in assists.

And the nominees are....

Joffrey Lupul RW Maple Leafs
Projected: 73 gms with 24+21=45 with 52 pims & 183 shots.
Actual: 66 gms with 25+42=67 with 48 pims & 191 shots.

I don't think anyone could have imagined that the palindrome would be playing at a point per game pace this season. Playing with sniper, Phil Kessel, really helped him to those 42 assists in 67 games.

Dustin Byfuglien D Jets
Projected: 82 gms with 18+26=44 with 93 pims & 321 shots.
Actual: 66 gms with 12+41=53 with 72 pims & 223 shots.

Big Buff showed that last season was no fluke. His 41 assists in just 66 games is outstanding from the blue line. He's not quite a playmaker, but when you shoot that often, your teammates are bound to put in a bunch of your rebounds.

P.A. Parenteau RW Islanders
Projected: 81 gms with 17+27=44 with 40 pims & 157 shots.
Actual: 80 gms with 18+49=67 with 89 pims & 167 shots.

As players often do, PAP put it all together in his walk year and posted 49 assists (good for 11th in the NHL) in 67 games. Now he stands to be made a rich man and he should probably get John Tavares a nice thank you gift as soon as he signs.

Erik Karlsson D Senators
Projected: 75 gms with 15+34=49 with 42 pims & 191 shots.
Actual: 81 gms with 19+59=78 with 42 pims & 261 shots.

Tied for third in the NHL with 59 assists. You can't find another defenceman on the list until 31st. Karlsson had the kind of season that wins you your pool. He won't come cheap next year.

Ryan O`Reilly C Avalanche
Projected: 75 gms with 11+14=25 with 17 pims & 124 shots.
Actual: 81 gms with 18+37=55 with 12 pims & 189 shots.

Maybe the most surprising to be nominated here as he had just a combined 31 assists in his two prior seasons and he put up 37 this year. He just turned 21 so he's obviously maturing and may have more to give.

David Desharnais C Canadiens
Projected: 76 gms with 13+22=35 with 20 pims & 89 shots.
Actual: 81 gms with 16+44=60 with 24 pims & 98 shots.

Desharnais wasn't even on fantasy radars coming into last season despite 22 points in 43 games. Well he should be now after he found a home setting up goal scorers Max Pacioretty and Erik Cole.

And the winner is....

1st - Erik Karlsson (9 points)
2nd - David Desharnais (7 points)
T3rd - Joffrey Lupul & P.A. Parenteau (6 points)
5th - Ryan O'Reilly (2 points)
6th - Dustin Byfuglien (0 points)

(3 points for a 1st place vote, 2 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd)

Agree? Disagree? Have your say in the poll or comments.