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FHS Awards Show - Biggest Superstar Breakout

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The Flyers had two nominees but no winners
The Flyers had two nominees but no winners

Welcome to the third annual FHS Awards Show where we deliver the hardware to those deserving players who helped you to fantasy glory. We polled the FHS writers to get a consensus opinion but we've also included a poll to give you a chance to tell us we're idiots.

Yesterday we gave out the award for the biggest surprise five tool player.

Today we'll hand out one of our most respected awards. These nominees are players who have had a breakout season already but still managed to take a big jump forward in their production. It's the award for the Biggest Breakout from a Superstar Player.

And the nominees are....

Patrik Elias C Devils
Projected: 77 gms with 23+38=61 with 32 pims & 213 shots.
Actual: 81 gms with 26+52=78 with 16 pims & 164 shots.

At 35 years old and two seasons of declining results it wasn't looking good that Elias could get back to his point-a-game ways. However, that's exactly what happened. After only 62 points last season he picked up a surprising 78.

Claude Giroux RW Flyers
Projected: 80 gms with 28+53=81 with 53 pims & 180 shots.
Actual: 77 gms with 28+65=93 with 29 pims & 242 shots.

Pretty much everybody saw this breakout coming but Giroux still deserves mention for following through on his great promise. He jumped up 17 points in five less games.

Scott Hartnell LW Flyers
Projected: 82 gms with 24+27=51 with 148 pims & 188 shots.
Actual: 82 gms with 37+30=67 with 136 pims & 232 shots.

Harntell was moved to the third line very early in the season and had only two points in his first seven games. A performance that unfortunately got him dropped in a few leagues. Eventually he was moved alongside Jagr and Giroux and 65 points later he gets the nod for this award.

Erik Karlsson D Senators
Projected: 75 gms with 15+34=49 with 42 pims & 191 shots.
Actual: 81 gms with 19+59=78 with 42 pims & 261 shots.

Like Giroux, we knew a breakout was coming but Karlsson still exceeded everybody's expectations... by a lot. Karlsson went from being one of the better fantasy d-men in the league to one of the most valuable fantasy players.

Kris Letang D Penguins
Projected: 82 gms with 10+38=48 with 89 pims & 223 shots.
Actual: 51 gms with 10+32=42 with 34 pims & 142 shots.

Letang would have been 2nd in the league in d-man scoring if he was healthy all season. Add in his PIM's and shots and you've got a true stud. Considering he was 'just' a 50 point guy last year he took some big strides forward. Hopefully he can just stay healthy next year.

James Neal LW Penguins
Projected: 79 gms with 27+27=54 with 62 pims & 219 shots.
Actual: 80 gms with 40+41=81 with 87 pims & 329 shots.

He had only 45 points last year and just six in 20 games with the Penguins. Thanks to Evgeni Malkin and friends Neal busted out in a big way as he nearly doubled his his goal and point totals.

And the winner is....

1st - Erik Karlsson (14 points)
2nd - James Neal (7 points)
3rd - Scott Hartnell (5 points)
4th - Claude Giroux (3 points)
5th - Patrik Elias (1 point)
6th - Kris Letang (0 points)

(3 points for a 1st place vote, 2 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd)

Agree? Disagree? Have your say in the poll or comments.