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Playoff Fantasy Stars of the Week

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Elliott was stopping everything this week.
Elliott was stopping everything this week.

Each Monday during the playoffs we'll take a look at the top fantasy performances of the previous seven days.

Three Stars of the Week

3rd Star, from the Philadelphia Flyers, numero 28, Claude Giroux... the guy is just unstoppable, and so much fun to watch. In three games to close out the Flyers/Penguins series, Giroux had 3+3=6, four PPP and 12 SOG. Look for a 100+ point season next year, and there's nothing bold about that prediction.

2nd Star, from the St. Louis Blues, numero 10, Andy McDonald... in three games, McDonald went 3+3=6 with four PIM, 12 shots and four PPP. Not bad for a guy who missed more than half the season with a bad head. With eight points, McDonald sits fourth overall in playoff scoring and he should get a bunch more for you in round two.

1st Star, from the St. Louis Blues, numero 1, Brian Elliott...with Jaroslav Halak announced as the Blues' starter before the playoffs, I am guessing Elliott lasted until the late rounds of most playoff pools, if he was picked at all. After stopping all 17 shots in relief of an injured Halak in game two, Elliott spent the last seven days rattling off three straight wins with a 1.67 GAA and .938 SV% to take the Blues to round two for the first time in ten years.

Dark Horse Pick of the Week: Craig Anderson - he would have made the three stars if not for being such an ideal dark horse pick. Anderson went 2-1 and allowed just one goal in his only loss, with .99 GAA and .969 peripherals on the week. He was picked 87th overall in the FHS Invitational draft pool. Lundqvist? Number four...but it ain't over yet.

Breakdown of the Week: Dan Hamhuis - not for his overall play, which has been exceptional, but for deciding he was Paul Coffey and rushing the puck up the overtime, in an ELIMINATION game. Of course the Canucks should never have been in this position in the first place, but Hamhuis basically went way out of position and fell over, clearing the way for Jarret Stoll's series winner.